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Ron Paul’s Buddy Throws Amit Singh To The Wolves

by @ 6:22 pm on June 11, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Dumbasses, Politics, Ron Paul, Virginia, Virginia Politics

Considering that he most likely lost his bid for the Republican nomination in the 8th District because of Mark Ellmore’s fabrications about his associations with Ron Paul, Amit Singh isn’t getting any love from Lew Rockwell, the High Priest of the Church Of Paul:

I do not join those mourning the loss of Amit Singh in Northern Virginia. This minor-league merchant of death, who brags of being a contractor for the NSA and the Pentagon, and of helping write the software for Total Information Awareness!, ran for the Republican nomination for congress as a Ron Paulian. Perhaps conservative conman Mark Ellmore, who beat Singh last night, is even worse. But thanks to performance in office, here is one thing we know for sure: the incumbent, Democrat Jim Moran, is not bad on the war.

Yep, that’s right. Amit Singh, the right-wing merchant of death who was endorsed by Ron Paul.

But wait it gets better from there, or worse depending on your point of view:

Let’s face it, folks. There is only one Ron Paul. Indeed, he is unique in the entire history of American politics. So I take with a grain of salt all the claims of various pols to be Ron Paulians. Oh, we do have free will. It is possible for an eloquent and principled intellectual to be a brilliant campaigner, to reject the lure of Power, and to work untouched in corrupt DC for peace and freedom — to be another Ron Paul, that is.

So, basically the question left by Rockwell’s comment is — will the movement that developed around Ron Paul’s campaign actually lead to something productive such as the increased political involved of liberty-minded Republicans like Amit Singh and his supporters, or will it devolve into a cult of personality centered around the idea that any politician who isn’t named Ron Paul is an enemy ?

And, if it’s the latter, David Weigel sums up it’s ultimate fate quite nicely:

If the legacy of the rEVOLution is a cult of personality around Ron Paul, then it was a failure; Paul himself, ever self-deprecating about his oratorical skills, is fond of saying “I’m not the greatest messenger, but this is the greatest message.” I’ve always interpreted that to mean that he’s not the greatest messenger, but he thinks he has the greatest message. Paul’s campaign catapulted guys like Singh and B.J. Lawson into politics, and readied the field for Libertarian convert Bob Barr. Why Paul supporters would ignore that and grumble about writing his name in at the November ballot box is a mystery to me.

Fortunately, the future of the Amit Singhs and B.J. Lawson’s of the world doesn’t depend on getting approval from Pope “I wrote those newsletters but will never publicly admit it” Rockwell, and disassociating the movement to bring libertarian ideas back to the GOP with people who think the Confederacy was, well, just peachy, is probably a good idea.

2 Responses to “Ron Paul’s Buddy Throws Amit Singh To The Wolves”

  1. You say yes, I say no…

    Looks like Amit and his near miss in yesterday’s primary election is the subject of some more cosmo-/paleo- libertarian bickering. The cosmos seem to take the higher ground this time; I get the feeling that Lew just had to vent his disappointment wit…

  2. James says:

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