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Virginia Senate: Warner 60% Gilmore 33%

The latest Rasmussen poll continues to suggest that, when 2009 rolls around, Virgina will continue to be represented by a Senator named Warner:

Democrat Mark Warner has widened his lead against Republican Jim Gilmore in the race for Virginia’s senate seat. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows Warner earning 60% of the vote while Gilmore attracts 33%.

Last month, Warner enjoyed an eighteen-point lead. This represents the sixth consecutive survey to find Warner leading by double-digits, as well as his strongest lead to date. Before falling back in this survey, Gilmore had consistently polled between 37% and 39% percent. Rasmussen Markets data gives Warner an 89.9 % chance of winning this race in November (results updated on a 24/7 basis by market participants).

Warner’s favorability ratings have also improved. The Democrat is viewed favorably by 70% of Virginia voters and unfavorably by 24%. Gilmore’s numbers are 46% favorable, 42% unfavorable.

At this point, I’m beginning to think that any money the National Republican Senatorial Committee sinks into this race will be like throwing money down a rat hole.

8 Responses to “Virginia Senate: Warner 60% Gilmore 33%”

  1. George Allen was over 30 points down in June 1993.

  2. James,

    The difference is that George Allen was running as a Republican in a year when Republicans were screwed.

    Mark Warner doesn’t have that problem.

    I’m voting for Gilmore, but at this point I’m putting Virginia in as a Democratic gain in November.

  3. Gee, ya think we should have, I don’t know…tried someone else?

    This is exactly why I said the RPV shot itself in the foot when it nominated Gilmore.

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  5. Chris,

    What makes you think that things would be that much different with a different nominee ?

    I don’t think this is reflection on Gilmore so much as it is a reflection of Warner’s continued popularity and the fact that the GOP has pretty much destroyed it’s reputation nationwide over the past 7 years.

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