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Another Reason I Won’t Vote For John McCain

by @ 10:53 am on August 9, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Individual Liberty, John McCain, Politics

It’s all summed up in this quote:

“We are fast becoming a nation of alienating individualists, unwilling to put the unifying values of patriotism ahead of our narrow self-interests,” Mr. McCain warned in a speech during his 2000 presidential campaign. He added that “cynicism threatens to become a ceiling on our greatness.”

There’s a simple reason for that, Mr. McCain, it’s because the individual is always more important than the state and there is no such thing as “national interest” that outweighs the interests of the individual.

You, clearly, don’t understand that.

Of course, that’s not surprising when you consider the man also once said this:

“I would rather have a clean government than one where quote ‘First Amendment rights’ are being respected that has become corrupt.”

John McCain: Champion of the collective, enemy of the individual.

H/T: The Liberty Papers

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