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Maybe We Should Just Eliminate The Job Of First Lady

by @ 6:28 pm on August 25, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Barack Obama, Foreign Affairs, John McCain, Politics, Russia

The wife of the guy who will accept the Republican nomination for President in ten days is headed to the Republic of Georgia:

SACRAMENTO — Senator John McCain just told a group of donors here that his wife, Cindy, is en route to Georgia, according to a pool report from inside the fund-raiser.

No further details were immediately available, but Mr. McCain has made his support for the country — and his hard line against Russia — central to his campaign since Russia invaded Georgia earlier this month.

What possible purpose is there in sending Cindy McCain to Georgia ?

Is an expert in Trans-Caucausian ethnic conflict ? Didn’t think so

A member of McCain’s foreign policy team ? God, I hope not.

She is, quite honestly, nothing more than John McCain’s wife and, if he wins the White House that’s really all she needs to be. She’s not elected, and, quite honestly, doesn’t really matter politically.

Or at least she shouldn’t.

Which is why I’ll be skipping tonight’s speech by the wife of the other guy who wants to be President:

DENVER, Colorado (AFP) – Michelle Obama takes center stage at the Democratic convention Monday to proudly proclaim to the world why she believes her husband should be elected president of the United States.

Before some 4,400 delegates gathered here and millions more glued to their televisions at home, she is expected to deliver a passionate speech in support of Barack Obama’s historic bid for the White House.

Stop the presses folks ! Barack Obama’s wife thinks he should be President !

In other news, the Obama children say they’ll support their Dad if he puts an ice cream machine in the Lincoln Bedroom.

If any potential Presidential spouses out there are looking for a role model, perhaps they should look to this woman, instead of this one.

2 Responses to “Maybe We Should Just Eliminate The Job Of First Lady”

  1. J. Tyler Ballance says:

    “What possible purpose is there in sending Cindy McCain to Georgia?”

    The answer is beer. Cindy could single handedly supply all of the Georgia Republic’s beer needs for the next century. She also makes more in a year than the GDP of the Georgian Republic.

    Now that Bud is owned by the friggin’ Belgians, the least we could do is send Cindy “Bud Girl” McCain over to help soothe the traumatized Georgians. Its no longer an American beer, but Cindy can still front for them.

    Rumor has it that, in an attempt to keep pace with Cindy “Bud Girl” McCain, the Obama changelings are preparing to send Michelle “Gettin’ my drink on” Obama overseas as an emissary for fortified wine manufacturer, “Mad Dog 20/20.”

  2. I’ll only vote for the Presidential candidate who is married to the heir to the Tanquerey fortune ;)

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