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More On Sarah Palin And The Bridge To Nowhere

by @ 11:09 pm on September 1, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, John McCain, Politics, Sarah Palin

Not only was she for it before she was against it, but even after she was against it, she refused to return the money:

Last year, Palin announced she was stopping state work on the controversial project, earning her admirers from earmark critics and budget hawks from around the nation. The move also thrust her into the spotlight as a reform-minded newcomer.

The state, however, never gave back any of the money that was originally earmarked for the Gravina Island bridge, said Weinstein and Elerding.

In fact, the Palin administration has spent “tens of millions of dollars” in federal funds to start building a road on Gravina Island that is supposed to link up to the yet-to-be-built bridge, Weinstein said.

“She said ‘thanks but no thanks,’ but they kept the money,” said Elerding about her applause line.

Apparently, another Republican hypocrite who talks the language of small government and governs like Lyndon Johnson.

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