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Quote Of The Day

by @ 3:46 pm on September 1, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Bob Barr, John McCain, Politics, The Liberty Papers

Brad Warbiany, one of my co-bloggers at The Liberty Papers, on why libertarian Republicans shouldn’t feel guilty about voting against John McCain, even if it does throw the election to Obama:

The Republican party doesn’t believe they need to satisfy the libertarian wing of their coalition. They’re taking us for granted, and ignoring us because they know we don’t want Obama to be elected. If they don’t feel they need to satisfy us, why should I feel sad if I make them feel the consequences of that belief?

Unlike Brad, I live in a state where enough votes for Bob Barr from pissed-off Republicans could theoretically throw the state to Obama.

And I’m still voting for Barr in the fall.

If McCain loses, it won’t be my fault, it will be the fault of a Republican “revolution” that was squandered and six years of Republican control of the White House and Congress that did little more than increase spending at a rate that would have made LBJ blush.

3 Responses to “Quote Of The Day”

  1. Britt Blaser says:

    As part of the Independence Year project (iYear.US), we’ve set up a site for every presidential candidate, including Barr.NewPrez.US.

    There’s nothing there, but there’s a lot of horses under the hood.

    Go for it!

    But please be patient until the engine’s broken in.

  2. D.J. McGuire says:


    Keep in mind you also live in a state where the GOP leadership has finally gotten the message after so many years – we saw that during the special session when they stripped out the tax increases from their transportation proposal.

    Voting for Bob Barr HERE, in VIRGINIA, would send them exactly the WRONG message, namely that libertarian Republicans are uncompromising brutes. That would all but ensure a tax increase coming from Richmond in 2009.

    Don’t forget the law of unintended consequences.

  3. DJ,

    To date, the Virginia GOP hasn’t proven to me that they’ve learned anything. Especially considering their support for bigotry in the form of the so-called Marriage Referendum last year….there was nothing libertarian about that.

    McCain might lose Virginia, but he lost my vote a long time ago.

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