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What Senators Really Think Of Their Constituents

by @ 7:47 am on October 2, 2008. Filed under Politics

From Diane Feinstein last night:

93% of the people who called her office opposed the bailout not because they were opposed to government intervention in the financial markets, not because they thought it was wrong for taxpayers to bailout other people from the consequences of their bad decisions, but because they’re just too stupid to understand.

That, my friends, is what representative democracy has become.

H/T: Jason Pye

2 Responses to “What Senators Really Think Of Their Constituents”

  1. KipEsquire says:

    Guess you’re not a Burkean.

  2. [...] a bunch of pork to the House’s crap sandwich, overwhelmingly passed the bill and told us that we were just too dumb to understand what was necessary. Then today, the Paulson-Bernake Bailout passed the House on the second try thanks to 26 Republicans [...]

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