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Gilmore Goes After Warner Over Bailout Plan

There hasn’t been much good news for Jim Gilmore lately. He’s far behind in the polls, has barely enough money to run an effective media campaign, and just isn’t getting the media attention that he would if his race against Mark Warner were closer.

So, it’s not surprising that he took the opportunity of last night’s final debate to differentiate himself from Warner on what may prove to be a hot-button issue this November:

ROANOKE, Oct. 3 — Republican James S. Gilmore III sought to revive his underdog bid for U.S. Senate on Friday night in the final scheduled debate of the campaign by repeatedly and adamantly touting his opposition to the $700 billion financial bailout package signed into law earlier in the day.

The lively 60-minute debate between Gilmore and his Democratic opponent, Mark R. Warner, might have been Gilmore’s best chance to change the dynamics of the race and prove that he can compete with his popular rival.

The race has largely centered on the opponents’ records as governor, but the financial rescue package provided Gilmore with a new way to emphasize the differences between them and highlight what he called his fight for the taxpayer.

Gilmore attacked Warner for his support of the emergency economic plan signed by President Bush, and he told a statewide television audience that he would have saved taxpayers’ money by not handing it to “Wall Street high rollers.”

“The next bailout is on the way,” Gilmore said. “Who is going to stand up for the taxpayers?”

Kudos to Gilmore for standing up for what’s right.

He’s got my vote, I just don’t think it will be anywhere near enough to reverse the tide in this election.

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