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Why The Republicans Deserve To Lose, And Lose Big

by @ 1:52 pm on October 22, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, John McCain, Politics, Republicans, Sarah Palin

3 Responses to “Why The Republicans Deserve To Lose, And Lose Big”

  1. He posted this on the Fox News Website, too. Check out the Agitator to see some of the emails he received. Funniest one he got had no message body, just a subject line:

    Your an Idiot

  2. Jason says:

    For my friends, the Republican party has become the party that wants to stop them from playing internet poker.

  3. [...] Doug Mataconis on Below the Beltway points out that electing Democrats may be the only way to save us from socialism, since the current Republican party has “tarnished the reputation of free market ideas in the minds of a public that doesn’t know better”. In the same way that “only Nixon could go to China”, only a Republican president (like Bush or McCain) could nationalize our financial system. [...]

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