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How I Voted Today, And Why

To the extent anyone cares, here’s how I voted today.


Bob Barr, for the reasons I stated in this blog post

United States Senate:

William Redpath, the Libertarian Party nominee. Given the fact that it’s fairly clear that Mark Warner has this race locked up, I considered this a free vote and decided to give it to the candidate of the party with a platform that I can actually support. Had Gilmore made this a closer race, I probably would have voted for him but, what’s the point ?

VA-11 Congressional Race:

Keith Fimian. I haven’t written much about this race, but Fimian is definitely a more palatable candidate than Gerry Connolly. Unfortunately, it looks like Connolly will win this one; the 11th CD is more blue than red and Fimian’s campaign has been invisible here in Prince William County.

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