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McAuliffe To Go On “Listening Tour” Of Virginia

by @ 5:45 am on November 11, 2008. Filed under 2009 Governor's Race, Politics, Terry McAuliffe, Virginia, Virginia Politics

Now that he’s formed an exploratory committee, Terry McAuliffe says that he will be traveling the state for next two months before deciding on whether he will go forward with a campaign for Governor:

RICHMOND, Va. — Former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe signed papers Monday necessary to run for governor in Virginia next year.

McAuliffe told The Associated Press he set up a campaign committee and will tour Virginia for the next 60 days before making his candidacy certain.

He also said he would be announcing political advisers over the next week.

McAuliffe just finished a series of barnstorming campaign appearances across the state on behalf of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. In each, he rallied local party activists and volunteers for Obama and the Democratic ticket.

He said he won’t formally announce a decision until Jan. 7, but neither his tone or nor his words were those of an undecided candidate.

“I think I can make a difference. I think I can go out and fight for people. I think I can create jobs. I think I can take this state in a new direction, and the thing I’d like to do, too, is to come out with some big, bold ideas. I think that’s what this state has to hear,” McAuliffe said in the interview.

Big, bold ideas from a Clinton hack. Yea, that’ll work.

H/T: Bearing Drift

One Response to “McAuliffe To Go On “Listening Tour” Of Virginia”

  1. CC Dean says:

    Terry McAullife would be THE WORST thing that could happen to VA!! He’s a political gold digger, not a sincere heart felt bone in his body for the people of VA. He is a Clinton crony without the abilty to convince people with his lies and slanderious remarks as Bill did. So where would he get us? He would dig a hole requiring us to have use of energys to climb out because of his tricky, insincere 100% political ways. There’s zero conviction for sincere leadership and that’s because he only wants to win at playing political games masked in so called efforts
    for good govt and sound laws. He actually is not a ‘leader’ as leaders suggest and strive to represt truth, ideals, and integrity! McAulliffe has not one of those convictions. His conviction is the demo party and his own promotion pressed by spreading actual lies and mistruths to make him look good and to tear down his political rival. Please VA trust me !!

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