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Obama Talks To Bill Richardson About Secretary Of State

by @ 5:50 am on November 15, 2008. Filed under Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, Hillary Clinton, Politics, Transition Issues

It looks like the President-Elect is keeping his options open:

CNN has learned that President-elect Barack Obama spoke with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson Friday to discuss the post of Secretary of State.

A senior Democratic source tells CNN that Richardson’s name has always been on Obama’s list for that post. Obama has also gauged Sen. Hillary Clinton’s interest in the post if she were offered it. If Clinton does not express interest in the post, then Richardson and others would be candidates for the job.

And it would appear that both Clinton and Richardson are on Obama’s short list for Foggy Bottom:

President-elect Barack Obama met Friday with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson in Chicago, Democratic sources said, and is under consideration to be Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

News of the meeting comes after a similar face-to-face meeting Thursday between Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) sparked a day-long frenzy of speculation about the possibility that she could be Secretary of State.

Sources said Clinton is now a top contender for the job. Clinton, in an appearance televised live on Friday, said she would not speculate about Obama’s Cabinet selections. Her aides have referred questions about the process to the Obama transition team, whose officials are not commenting. Advisors warn that only a small handful of officials
know for certain where Clinton ranks on Obama’s short list, which also includes Sen. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts.

But one Clinton veteran who is in touch with the transition team called it a “real possibility.” Another said she has a “very good chance” of getting the job. Most notably, Obama advisors have done nothing to tamp down speculation about Clinton, as they did when it
became clear she would not be Obama’s running mate — even though letting her name hang in the air holds real risks for Obama if he ultimately does not select her, potentially reopening the Democratic primary’s wounds.

And the news that Obama talked to Richardson only highlights those wounds, it would seem.

Richardson endorsed Obama back in March during the primaries, which led Clinton loyalist James Carville to compare him to Judas Iscariot, and apparently didn’t make Bill Clinton too happy either.

Is Obama floating Richardson’s name as bait for the Clinton’s, letting them know that if she doesn’t accept the position, he’ll give it to someone who helped torpedo her Presidential campaign ?

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