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Ron Paul v. Ben Bernanke

by @ 1:37 pm on November 18, 2008. Filed under Credit Crisis, Economics, Politics, Ron Paul

Ben Bernanke has been testifying on Capitol Hill and Ron Paul has been there:

Always fun to watch those two.

Also, Paul appeared on Fox Business Channel immediately after the hearing ended and expanded on his question to Bernanke:

Paul is, I think, absolutely right about the one thing that is fundamentally wrong with what the government has been doing since October. Instead of letting a debt bubble that has been building up for decades pop, they are trying to artificially push prices, especially housing prices, back up for purely political reasons. The end result of this will be one of two things — either the effort will fail and the bubble will continue popping, or a new bubble will be created that will make the day of reckoning even worse.

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