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The Liberty Papers: Back Up And Running

by @ 6:45 am on November 21, 2008. Filed under Blogging, The Liberty Papers

After some downtime due to causes still unexplained, but which seem to have a lot to do with a hosting company that didn’t care to solve a problem, I’m happy to say that that The Liberty Papers are back up and running !

And, right out of the gate, Brad Warbiany takes a look at the financial crisis and comes to this cheerful conclusion:

We’re either going to see a deflationary crash, or a hyperinflationary depression. I just don’t see us having a smooth way out of this one.


We’re screwed, folks. There are going to be economics textbooks written about what we’re going through — assuming we don’t all go Mad Max instead.

Way to cheer us all up Brad.

By the way, I think Brad’s 100% right.

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