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Chris Matthews And The Four-Year Long Obamagasm

by @ 1:12 pm on November 24, 2008. Filed under Barack Obama, Media, Obamagasms, Politics

It’s no secret that Chris Matthews has a man-crush on Barack Obama. Back in February, he readily admitted to getting “a chill up his leg” when the then Junior Senator from Illinois spoke, and his lack of objectivity when it came to Barack Obama continued through the Democratic primary and the General Election. After the Election, he said that it was his job to make sure that the new President-elect succeeds.

As Kyle notes in her Pajamas Media column, he’s already on the job:

Mr. Matthews has chimed in with an early response to the Obama transition leak that the infamous Eric Holder will become attorney general in the new administration. In what appears to be a sign of Matthews’ honeymoon softball with the president-elect, Matthews gave a one-sentence acknowledgment of the Holder appointment on his Tuesday show and then proceeded to announce his new segment, called Pardon Watch.

And what is Pardon Watch? It’s a nifty, two-bit entertainer’s look at the cast of folks who just might receive pardons from W in his last days in office. In other words, Pardon Watch is designed to remind viewers on a nightly basis of every Republican scandal of the past eight years, while deflecting attention from Obama’s parade of new appointments, many of which seem scandalous in and of themselves.

Of course, Matthews isn’t mentioning the fact that his messiah is picking the very people he used to condemn.

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