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Happy Thanksgiving

by @ 3:19 pm on November 26, 2008. Filed under Holidays, Personal

This will be the last post of the day, and likely the last until sometime on Saturday, so Happy Thanksgiving everyone. In case you’re interested, my wine recommendations from a few years ago still stand, so go out, buy some, and enjoy.

In the meantime, courtesy of one of my fellow Liberty Papers bloggers, here is a great post about the real story of Thanksgiving:

The real story of Thanksgiving is the triumph of capitalism and individualism over collectivism and socialism, which is the summation of the story of America. This is the real reason why leftists hate this day and seek to turn into a day-long Blame America fest. The Pilgrims are the historical reminder of the defeat of socialism, over 380 years before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

And no Thanksgiving would be complete without this from Adam Sandler:

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