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Is The Pledge Of Allegiance Un-American ?

by @ 11:31 am on November 26, 2008. Filed under Blogging, Individual Liberty, The Liberty Papers

A provocative post over at The Liberty Papers.

Money quote:

Allegiance is a state of loyalty or devotion. A declaration of allegiance is not something to be taken lightly. It is a modern form of a declaration of fealty, the oath that a person took under feudalism that bound him to obey his lord’s commands, even unto death. The oath these children are ordered to make is loyalty not to any idea or set of principles, but to a flag, a symbol of the state. Change three words, and a Cuban child could utter it in devotion to Castro, a North Korean to the government of Kim Il Sung, a Scottish child to the British Queen or a French child to the Republic.


The pledge of allegiance is not compatible with a free country. Written by a socialist who sought to indoctrinate children with the idea that they should be servants of the state, it opposes the very principles underlying the Declaration of Independence. It is the duty of every patriotic American, whose loyalties are to those principles rather than some flag or body of men, to oppose it. Let the enemies of freedom distinguish themselves by compelling people to take oaths against their will. Let us once again embrace freedom and expel the rotten pledge of allegiance from our schools.

One Response to “Is The Pledge Of Allegiance Un-American ?”

  1. Tinny Ray says:

    Great post. And the pledge is even worse than all that. It is the origin of the salute of the National Socialist German Workers Party. See the work of Dr. Rex Curry (author of “Pledge of Allegiance Secrets”) for stunning photos.

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