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Will Sarah Palin Take On Another Murkowski ?

by @ 9:09 am on December 2, 2008. Filed under Congress, Politics, Republicans, Sarah Palin

One Response to “Will Sarah Palin Take On Another Murkowski ?”

  1. loyal Alaskan says:

    You wish! No, she is going to take down Lisa. They way Lisa got into office was scandalous, she has already taken favors from a land developer in the Kenai, and she has done nothing of note in the Senate. She is simply “another” Murkowski. Alaskans will be glad when the old-boys club (which includes the daughter – Lisa) is gone for good. For some it has taken a felony conviction. Another is awaiting indictment, after spending more than $1,000,000.00 of campaign donations to fight, and for Lisa it will take an election. This is not about 2012. This is about cleaning up Alaska politics. Lisa must go.

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