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Exploiting The Obama Loving Hordes

by @ 12:43 pm on December 11, 2008. Filed under Barack Obama, Obamagasms, Politics

The makers of crappy commemoratives know a good opportunity when they see one, and the impending inauguration of Barack Obama is apparently one of those opportunities.

First, we’ve got the Obama Commemorative Coin:

Yes, that’s right, for just $ 9.95 you too can be the proud owner of a fake coin with a badly painted picture of America’s soon-to-be 44th President. If you’re lucky, you might be able to melt the coins down and get your money back, but don’t count on it:

“Over the years, many coins of this ‘Commemorative’ type have been sold by private companies,” Michael Cline, who runs the online collectibles reseller the Coin-Shop, says in an e-mail.

“As a keepsake, they ‘may’ have value to the buyer. But as a collectible, they are now, and will forever be worth the face value of the coin.”

So, maybe some will enjoy hanging it above the mantle. But for those who hoped it would pay off in the long run, you really just spent $15 for a buck.

But if a badly painted commemorative coin isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you’d be interested in some fine dinnerware:

And if a crappy coin and a useless plate aren’t good enough for you, there’s also the “President Barack Obama Commemorative Figurine“, the “Limited Edition Four-Year Calendar” (obviously the people selling this aren’t banking on a two-term Presidency), the Exclusive Barack Obama Commemorative Pendant Necklace”, and the “Obama Commemorative Poster“.

Can the Hillary Clinton Beautiful Loser Collection be far behind ?

And don’t you think that Joe Biden deserves some recognition too ?

H/T: Top Of The Ticket

3 Responses to “Exploiting The Obama Loving Hordes”

  1. James Young says:

    Don’t be such a prig, Doug! It’s probably the most substantial contribution that Barry is going to make to the economy!

  2. scott johnson says:

    it certainly isn’t just an obama thing. my dad has tons of this kind of crap for dubya. my favorite is a commemorative dollar coin with georgie’s smiling mug on one side under the word ‘victory’ in bold relief. on the reverse is a picture of unshaven saddam, not so smiley, under ‘defeat’. hilarious.

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