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8% Of Illinois Residents Still Support Blagojevich

by @ 6:46 am on December 12, 2008. Filed under In The News, Rod Blagojevich

Apparently, there’s a small constituency in the Land of Lincoln that doesn’t care about unprecedented political corruption:

CHICAGO (AP) – The approval rating for Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (blah-GOY’-uh-vich) is just 8%.

That’s the finding from a survey of people in Illinois in the days since his arrest this week on corruption charges.

The poll by the Chicago-based Glengariff Group finds 73% of those who were surveyed would support his impeachment. Seventy percent say he should resign.

Is it possible that Blago’s family comprises 8% of the state’s population ?

4 Responses to “8% Of Illinois Residents Still Support Blagojevich”

  1. Matt the Great says:

    I’m guessing at least 5% of those people are just completely uninformed. The other 3% have probably received money from Blago over the last 6+ years.

  2. joy says:

    mr.governor please do not give up,you did good job for peopele of illinois

  3. Clarity says:

    What scares me is how much power the news has to cause so many people to lose support of a person based solely on ‘phone gossip’. Supposedly, they don’t have enough evidence to convict this guy. So, what makes him any more corrupt than all the other government official in office? Atleast what I’ve seen, Blagojevich has the balls to stand up for himself and not back down, even when the odds are against him. I think I’ve gained more respect for this guy then anything else. I and hope he reads this too, because he obviously needs all the support he can find.

  4. Bob says:

    I urge governor Blagojevich to stay the course!

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