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Not Going Out On A High Note

by @ 8:38 am on December 20, 2008. Filed under George W Bush, Politics

President Bush’s legacy tour doesn’t seem to be helping:

It was bad enough for President Bush to have shoes tossed at his head during his farewell journey to Baghdad. Now comes a new poll in which Americans call Bush all sorts of names — some of them a lot worse than “dog.”

In a poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, respondents were asked to volunteer their assessments of how Bush would be remembered after he leaves office. The most frequent response, from 56 people, was “incompetent,” followed by “idiot,” “arrogant,” “ignorant,” “stupid,” and so on. Nine people volunteered a three-letter synonym for donkey.

Yea, I would’ve picked any one of those words if asked, probably all six and a few more that belong on George Carlin’s list.

It get’s worse:

Overall, though, the Pew poll underscored the depth of public disdain for Bush, who now ranks as the most consistently unpopular president since the advent of modern political polling. He has not had the approval of a majority of Americans since the beginning of his second term, and has hovered in the 20s in most approval rankings for more than a year. An NBC-Wall Street Journal poll last week found that eight out of 10 Americans would not miss him once he’s gone.

“The public’s verdict on the Bush presidency is overwhelmingly negative,” the Pew researchers write in a summary of their findings. “Just 11% said Bush will be remembered as an oustanding or above average president — by far the lowest positive end-of-term rating for any of the past four presidents.”

My guess is that 11% consists primarily of members of the Bush family and residents of the states of Alabama, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Utah.

31 days, my friends, 31 days and we’ll be rid of this man.

One Response to “Not Going Out On A High Note”

  1. Thomas Jackson says:

    Yes Bush isn’t too popular for many reasons-most of them governing like Obama lite. Can’t wait to see what people say about Ayer’s best pal in four years, or even in three months. Such fun watching someone demonstrating he can outdo slick willie.

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