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Roger Clemens Case Headed To Grand Jury

by @ 4:52 pm on January 12, 2009. Filed under Baseball, Mitchell Report, Roger Clemens, Sports

3 Responses to “Roger Clemens Case Headed To Grand Jury”

  1. David Wilson says:

    Since when did Congress have the authority to bring Clemens in front of them in the first place? His business is between him and the MLB, not federal government.

  2. David,

    I agree completely. I never understood what business the “House Reform and Government Oversight Committee” had putting it’s nose in this matter to begin with.

    But, Clemens was the one who requested the hearing. It would not have occurred if he hadn’t asked for it. So, you know, if he got caught in a perjury trap of his own making, that just shows how dumb he is.

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