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So, How’s That Change Thing Working Out Barack ?

by @ 1:47 pm on January 16, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Politics, Transition Issues

Not so well, apparently:

The Obama Administration: Change We’ve Seen Before !

2 Responses to “So, How’s That Change Thing Working Out Barack ?”

  1. Oh, come on…the guy isn’t even President yet! I hope you’re going to give him at least a couple years before you make any blanket judgments.

    And remember, he talked a lot about being transparent, changing the tone and seeking bi-partisan solutions. And so far he has been very transparent, is striking a decidedly bi-partisan tone (Warren at the inauguration?) and has signaled that he’s going to look at cutting back entitlements…which you have to admit is a third rail that nobody wants to touch and, as such, is VERY bi-partisan.

    As far as his staff goes, he has appointed VERY centrist Dems, as well as some moderate Repubs. Just because somebody has served in past administrations does not mean they’re aren’t able to deliver on a new agenda that puts pragmatic solutions first.

    So I’d say he’s well positioned to deliver on his promise of change. At least the promises I heard during the campaign.

  2. Can’t we have a little fun at the guys expense ?

    He’s going to be President, not Emperor.

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