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Because Nobody Is Above Ridicule, Especially The President

by @ 7:23 am on January 21, 2009. Filed under George W Bush, Inauguration Day 2009, Politics

There’s some degree of faux outrage on the right at the reception that former President Bush 43 received at yesterday’s Inauguration.

First, there’s the response to his presence being announced in the morning:

Then, there’s the reaction of some in the crowd on the National Mall to the sight of his helicopter leaving Washington:

Frankly, I’ve got to wonder what the big deal is. This isn’t a King we’re talking about, it’s a President, and a former and very unpopular one at that. If his dignity is a little hurt by the fact that people are happy to see him go, who really cares ?

3 Responses to “Because Nobody Is Above Ridicule, Especially The President”

  1. alan says:

    As my wife remarked, Bush should be mighty glad he lives in a country that does peaceful transitions of power. Surrounded by 2 million, and the worst that happened to him were some boos. Most times and places his head would have been on a pike.

    And so should we all be glad — imagine what he would be doing if he thought his life was at risk.

    Damn fine country, this.

  2. I guess showing a little class isn’t part of this post-partisan era we’re talking about…

  3. Rick says:

    I don’t know, but it just seems to me that Christmas came to Narnia :)

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