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Some Truly Creepy Obama-Supporting Celebrities

by @ 5:48 pm on January 22, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Celebrities, Obamagasms, Politics

This is not how free people behave:

The only good thing about this is that we’re talking about celebrities, most of whom are a little crazy to begin with.

Why am I not surprised that Oprah’s behind it ?

4 Responses to “Some Truly Creepy Obama-Supporting Celebrities”

  1. Jason says:

    This is not how free people behave

    Well said.

  2. joe the janitor says:

    I pledge never to pay attention to anything drugged-out, loser, phony, “suddenly-proud” ass-clown celebrities, say, do, sell or represent. Now hit the pike!

  3. James Young says:

    Where were these over-privileged dilletantes for President Bush?

  4. RightsideVA says:

    Very good…
    How about each one of those movie people, rock stars, Hollywood elite, etc. take a $1 million salary cap for the next 4 years of Obama’s “Change”, and take the rest of the profits and put that towards the “bailout” fund. Or how about they take those millions and provide the healthcare to those that they claim are not getting. Take those millions and buy some windmills that the produced electric goes into the system free of charge. Take those millions and donate it to the USO or other military support programs since they claim to support the troops just not the “war”…

    Those in the video can live on a $ million a year can’t they?…

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