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by @ 11:25 am on January 28, 2009. Filed under Economics, Politics, Republicans

Stephen Greeen on the Republican Party’s newly re-discovered “commitment” to fiscal conservatism:

The problem of course is that ever since about 1998, the Republicans haven’t had a leg to stand on when it comes to spending restraint. If they’re going to sounds ballsy on the radio, they’d better act ballsy in Congress — otherwise voters will gladly take goodies from non-hypocrites who don’t harangue them, instead of from hypocrites who do.

Or, as I said recently:

[T]he GOP’s biggest problem going forward will be living down the last eight years and the lack of fiscal conservatism.

Quite honestly, I am one of many people out there who just don’t believe the Congressional Republican leadership when they claim to have seen the light when it comes to restraining spending and the growth of government, and they have only themselves to blame for that.


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