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It’s The Return Of Obama-Mania

by @ 8:22 am on February 11, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Obamagasms, Politics

Two incidents from Barack Obama’s town hall meeting rally yesterday demonstrate fairly clearly that there is a significant portion of the population out there who places far too much hope in the ability of politicians.

First, there’s Julio, the McDonalds employee who wants to be a journalist:

Here’s a clue Julio, if you want a better future, make it yourself. Barack Obama isn’t going to do anything to help you.

Then, there’s Henrietta, who seems to be in the middle of a full-blown Obama-gasm:

Henrietta dear, Obama’s not going to buy you a house; although he might just cover your mortgage payments.

These are the people that the dependency has created and, as long as they continue to believe that the government is the solution to their problems, then we will continue to travel down the death-spiral that is the entitlement culture.

And, thanks to the path that Obama seems intent on taking us down, we’re like to see more people like this:

Julio is a perfect example of the “I’m owed something” mentality. He has already determined that he is a person who will be perpetually disadvantaged, not because of any choices he has made or skills he does or doesn’t have, but because “the system” is fixed against him.

As we continue the full out run towards Socialism you can expect to see more Julios. As the government spreads its net of benefits over more of the population, more and more people will become just like Julio, slaves of the state and unable to take responsibility or act without some action or provision from the government. Of course, along with the net of benefits comes the governments ability to dictate how you live and work. Doubt me, just ask the banks and the auto companies.

This country has always been about the taking and rewarding of risk. There is little the the Founders of our Country, the folks who risked their lives and livelihood for a chance in the “New World” or those who spanned out to settle the West would have had in common with folks like Julio.

It’s unfortunate really, Julio may have talent and ability but he’ll probably never know. Julio and those like him, are waiting for the next drop from the government gruel bucket. They’ll eat the gruel, never being fully satisfied but justifying their situation as being “better than nothing.”

Sounds like a wonderful future, huh ?

H/T: Crystal Clear Conservative

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