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Obama Gets A Post-Speech Bump

by @ 5:12 pm on February 27, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Politics


I guess you could say that Barack Obama’s speech on Tuesday was well-received:

PRINCETON, NJ — In the days immediately after Barack Obama’s nationally televised address to Congress on Tuesday night, his public support has increased significantly to 67% in Feb. 24-26 Gallup Daily polling, and is now just two points below his term high. This comes on the heels of a term-low 59% reported by Gallup on Tuesday.


Since the speech, the percentage having no opinion of Obama has fallen back to 11% from 16%, while his approval rating has increased eight points. There has been a slight drop in his disapproval rating as well, from 25% to 21%.


Obama’s approval rebound is due to increased support from all political groups, but especially from independents and Republicans, whose support had been waning. Over the past week, independents’ approval of Obama dropped from 62% to 54%, but is now back to 62%. There has been a sharp increase in support among Republicans, from 27% to 42%. Democrats’ support for Obama was already extremely high at 86%, but even this has climbed slightly, to 90% in the latest polling.

So much, I guess, for the conservative meme that Obama’s support was declining, huh ?

2 Responses to “Obama Gets A Post-Speech Bump”

  1. skylights says:

    That meme was just wishful thinking– “Everybody MUST feel the same way I do!” Well, no.

  2. seraya says:

    What a blessing for beautiful America Never ever ever seen A US PREIDENT

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