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24 Goes Politically Correct

by @ 7:54 pm on March 2, 2009. Filed under 24, Dumbasses, Television

There’s a lot about the current season of 24 that I’ve liked, but this weird adherence to some form of political correctness is just stupid:

24-Season-7-Promotional-Photos-24-1847467-320-480When a dark-colored S.U.V. raced through the streets of Washington, flipped over and burst into flames on Fox’s fast-paced action show “24” last week, viewers probably were not calculating how much carbon dioxide the explosion produced.

But executives at Fox have been paying close attention.

On Monday the network will announce that “24” is going green, becoming the first “carbon neutral” television series.

Among other things, Fox says, it has hired consultants to measure the carbon-dioxide output from the production, started using 20 percent biodiesel fuel in trucks and generators, installed motion monitors in bathrooms and kitchens to make the lights more efficient and paid the higher fees that help California utilities buy wind and solar power.

Car crashes posed a bigger problem; even hybrid vehicles emit carbon dioxide when blown up. To achieve true carbon neutrality the scripts would have to avoid shooting on location and staging chase scenes, something likely to disappoint even the greenest viewers.

So the producers decided to settle for buying carbon offsets, which in theory make up for emissions of carbon dioxide, the main heat-trapping gas linked to global warming, by paying other people to generate enough clean energy to compensate — in this case wind-power plants in India. The producers said they bought enough credits to offset 1,291 tons of carbon dioxide, just over a half-season’s worth of emissions.

So what ? No more explosions after we reach the half way point of the season.

Dumb, just plain dumb.

One Response to “24 Goes Politically Correct”

  1. Douglas says:

    Also pc was the storyline twist that made the shadowy, American paramilitary company (Blackwater, eh?) the villain, and them trying to frame innocent Arab-Americans for the terror plot.

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