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Dead Tree Media Watch: Another About To Bite The Dust ?

by @ 8:35 am on March 8, 2009. Filed under Internet, Media, Technology

Thinks aren’t looking good for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

SEATTLE — The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that its owner, Hearst Corp., has made offers to some staffers to participate in an online-only version of the newspaper.

The paper says an unspecified number of the P-I’s roughly 180 employees received “provisional offers” Wednesday and Thursday to work for the online venture, if the Web site is approved by Hearst’s senior management.

Hearst announced in January it would put the P-I up for sale and either close the paper or go to an online-only publication if it couldn’t find a buyer by March 10. There has been no word on a possible buyer.

March 10th, of course, is only three days away.

If Hearst does indeed decide to take the Post-Intelligencer strictly online, it will be an interesting experiment to watch. In many ways, they’ll be the first ones to do something that, before long, every newspaper in America is going to have to seriously consider.

H/T: QandO

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