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Statistic Of The Day: The Long, Slow Death Of The USPS

by @ 12:01 pm on March 17, 2009. Filed under Business, Economics

There’s a lot less mail out there than there used to be:

In 2008, though, pieces of mail dropped to 201 billion, from nearly 211 billion. And in the first fiscal quarter of 2009 (October through December of last year), the service reported a net loss of $384 million and said that mail volume had declined by 5.2 billion pieces compared with the same period last year.

That’s a trend that’s likely to continue even if the economy turns around.

One Response to “Statistic Of The Day: The Long, Slow Death Of The USPS”

  1. Less people sending mail? Time to raise rates again!

    That’s common government sense!

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