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U.S. To Send Troops To Mexico To Fight War On Drugs

by @ 7:43 am on March 19, 2009. Filed under Foreign Affairs, Mexico, War On Drugs

In what strikes me as a really bad idea, it looks like American military forces are headed to Mexico to fight the War On (Some) Drugs:

The US is drawing up comprehensive plans to help Mexico in its fight against drug-trafficking, a senior military official has told Congress.

Gen Gene Renuart, head of the US Northern Command, told a Senate hearing that troops or anti-narcotics agents would be sent to the Mexican border.

The plan could be finalised as early as this week, he added.

Correspondents say Mexico’s mounting drug violence has emerged as a real national security threat to the US.

“Certainly, there may be a need for additional manpower,” said Gen Renuart, who oversees US military interests in the border region.

“Whether that is best suited or best provided by National Guard or additional law enforcement agencies, I think, this planning team will really lead us to,” he told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

We’ve already got American military forces in Colombia and Bolivia fighting a losing battle in the drug war that is destabilizing both nations; the idea that we’re about to start doing the same thing on our own border should concern everyone greatly.

H/T: Poliblog

3 Responses to “U.S. To Send Troops To Mexico To Fight War On Drugs”

  1. But what’s the alternative? I’d rather see US troops just across the border in Mexico than in South America. The meltdown of law and order on the Mexican side of the border is all the more reason for a formidable physical barrier between the two countries and a real crackdwon in illegal immigration and cross border drug trafficking. We cannot sit idly by while Mexico turns into a de facto narco-state (it’s pretty darn close to that already, but getting worse).

  2. The alternative ?

    Legalize drugs.

  3. I’m with you on marijuana (not that I’ve ever used it – really, I haven’t, never smoked a cig either) but I’m hesitant on the harder stuff.

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