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What We Need In Congress Is A Guy Like Daniel Hannan

by @ 5:22 pm on March 25, 2009. Filed under Politics

Daniel Hannan has been a Member of the European Parliament representing Southeast England since 1999 and he’s become rather well-known today for this dressing down of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the European Parliament in Brussels:

Incidentally, Hannan dressing down Brown in part for the fact that he has left Britain with a deficit equal to 10% of it’s GDP is interesting considering that, thanks to Bush’s bailouts and Obama’s budget, our deficit will be 12% of GDP.

The important question, though, is this — why aren’t there guys like this in our Congress ? If Gordon Brown deserves a dressing down, and he most assuredly does, then so does the American President, be it Obama or Bush before him.

One Response to “What We Need In Congress Is A Guy Like Daniel Hannan”

  1. tfr says:

    Yah, we’ve got Ron Paul, but he just ain’t the same, is he?

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