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Is Obama Unstoppable ? No, But Republicans Are Still Screwed

by @ 11:46 am on April 24, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Politics, Republicans

Kevin Boyd looks at the latest Associated Press poll, along with what looks to be a Democratic victory in the special election in New York’s 20th Congressional District, and comes to a rather grim conclusion for those of us who oppose the President’s policies:

The first thing we libertarians and small government conservatives need to admit is we cannot stop Obama’s radical agenda politically. Obama has the support of the American people first of all. Secondly, we are politically discredited from the Bush years.

All we can do is try to educate enough people to realize the dangerous path we are on before it is too late in the time we have left and hope we have enough support to do something.

The situation becomes even more grim when you look at a few other polls. The Gallup Daily Tracking poll has Obama’s approval rating at 65%. The Pew poll has it at 63%. And, a new Associated Press poll has Obama’s approval rating at 64%. The one outlier is the Rasmussen tracking poll, which has Obama with a 55% approval rating.

More significant than those approval numbers though, are indications that the public is becoming more optimistic about the state of the nation and the economy. Two new polls — the Associated Press poll and noted above and a poll from the National Journal — have shown that the public is not slightly more optimistic about the direction of the country than it is pessimistic. Even though these two polls are outliers right now, the RCP average shows clearly that the so-called “right-track/wrong-track”
divide has narrowed significantly in the months since the 2008 campaign:


If that continues, and if people become more confident about state of the nation and the economy, it will enure to Obama’s benefit and to the GOP’s detriment, which just reinforces a point a made almost two months ago:

[A]s I’ve said repeatedly here in the past, the ultimate outcome of all of this is largely out of the GOP’s hands. If the economy improves enough that the fear that is pervading the country right now subsides, Obama will get the credit for it. If it doesn’t he’ll get the blame. And, if there’s an international crisis that causes the public to rally around the President the way they have in the past, then all bets are off.

But it may not even be that simple.

That Associated Press poll that I linked above has some very bad news for Republicans:

Overall, please tell me whether you approve, disapprove, or neither approve nor
disapprove of the way the Republicans in Congress are handling the economy?

Approve: 29% (was 33% in February)
Disapprove: 65% (was 59% in February)

When it comes to solving the country’s economic problems, how much do you think
Republicans in Congress are doing to cooperate with Barack Obama? Are they doing…

Too Much: 7% (was 5% in February)
Not Enough: 65% (was 64% in February)
Just Enough: 25% (was 27% in February)

When it comes to improving the economy, do you think it is realistic to expect at least
some noticeable results in the first year of the Obama administration, or do you think it
will take longer than that to see any noticeable results?

Realistic To Expect In First Year: 27% (was 27% in January)
Will Take Longer: 72% (was 72% in January)

It’s equally grim in the National Journal Poll:

Who do you trust more to develop solutions to the country’s economic challenges

Obama — 54.5%
Republicans — 25.9%

So, back to Kevin’s question; is Obama unstoppable ? No, he’s not unstoppable but he’s in a better position than any President has been in since Ronald Reagan. He’s got the public behind him, they’re willing to give him to time to fix things, and his opposition is totally discredited. Add to that overwhelming majorities in both Houses of Congress and the likely opportunity to make as many as four appointments to the Supreme Court, and things are looking pretty good for him just about now.

One Response to “Is Obama Unstoppable ? No, But Republicans Are Still Screwed”

  1. Libertarian says:

    The first thing we libertarians and small government conservatives need to admit is we cannot stop Obama’s radical agenda politically………….. Secondly, we are politically discredited from the Bush years.

    BS. Libertarians most assuredly are NOT discredited by the Bush years. Why would they be? Small government conservatives discredited? No, again. Now, small government REPUBLICANS certainly are. I hope I never see another one.

    I’ve never understood why Bush was called conservative. Except for a handful of social issues, what did her ever do that was conservative??

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