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General Motors Giving The Ax To 1100 Dealers

by @ 5:14 pm on May 15, 2009. Filed under Auto Industry, Business, Economics

Yesterday it was Chrysler, today General Motors announced that it intends to trim it’s dealer network by nearly 20 percent:

DETROIT — General Motors is telling about 1,100 dealers on Friday that they will lose their franchises by late next year.

Unlike Chrysler, which on Thursday released a list of 789 dealers that it was cutting loose, G.M. does not plan to announce publicly the dealers that it no longer wants. Dealers whose franchises will not be renewed after October 2010 will receive a letter informing them of the decision.

“They’re dealerships that are in most cases hurting, losing money and in danger of going out of business anyway,” Mark LaNeve, G.M.’s vice president for sales, service and marketing, said in a conference call. “It’s a move that people could argue should have been taken years ago but this leadership team had no choice but to do it today.”

The 1,100 dealers to be cut represent 18 percent of G.M.’s current dealership network but just 7 percent of sales last year.

Nearly 500 of them sell fewer than 35 new G.M. vehicles a year, Mr. LaNeve said.

And that’s only the beginning:

Over all, G.M. plans to eliminate 2,369, or 40 percent, of its 5,969 dealers by the end of 2010. On Friday, G.M. revised its number of current stores down from 6,200.

In addition to the 1,100 dealers who received notices on Friday, the company expects to shed about 500 dealerships that sell only Pontiac, Saturn, Saab or Hummer, the brands it intends to sell off or close. The rest will be achieved through attrition and by consolidating multiple franchises.

“We have said from the beginning that our dealers are not a problem but an asset for General Motors,” Mr. LaNeve said in a statement. “However, it is imperative that a healthy, viable G.M. have a healthy, viable dealer body that can not only survive but prosper during cyclical downturns. It is obvious that almost all parts of G.M., including the dealer body, must get smaller and more efficient.”

This is going to hurt in the town’s where these dealerships are located, no doubt, but it’s absolutely necessary if this company is going to survive.

3 Responses to “General Motors Giving The Ax To 1100 Dealers”

  1. Vince says:

    How about a listing of closed dealerships by state and barad.

  2. Ron Russell says:

    Just a short comment here on the auto situation. Recently I came across an interesting post by Debbie at on Chyrysler dealership closings. She contends that many of those targeted for closing are being selected for political reasons, with many of the dealers who had been past supporters of Demos remaining open while those supportive of Republicans are being closed. She makes an interesting case in here post and it is a worthwile read. I’ll try to leave a link to her site, but don’t know if your comment box will accept it. Right Truth

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