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by @ 2:51 pm on May 22, 2009. Filed under Blogging, News About The Site

Yes, I’m still around…..

As I mentioned the other day, an electrical storm that hit a little too close to home while we were out of town caused more than a few problems around here. Over the course of three days, I’ve replaced an Ethernet card, had Comcast out here because the cable modem went bad, and went out to get a new wireless router because the old one had apparently gone bad.

So, getting online over the past several days has been pretty hit and miss.

Things are back to normal, but now the holiday weekend is here so, you won’t be seeing much of me until Tuesday, although I’ll probably be around on Twitter and Facebook if you want to catch up with me there.

Incidentally, it looks like there will be plenty to talk about on Tuesday — at 10amPDT that day the California Supreme Court will issue it’s ruling in the case challenging last November’s Proposition 8.

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