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Peter Schiff: Libertarians Need To Infliltrate The GOP

by @ 8:24 am on June 2, 2009. Filed under Libertarians, Politics, Republicans

An interesting video from someone who may yet end up running for Senate in 2010:

3 Responses to “Peter Schiff: Libertarians Need To Infliltrate The GOP”

  1. Citizen Tom says:

    In some respects, I think Peter Schiff is right. I think Libertarians would be more effective if they added their efforts to the Republican Party. However, I think he underestimates the problem of getting a pure Libertarian at the top of the ticket.

    What does it take to have a political party with a detailed platform where everyone agrees 100 percent on the platform? That requires a small, ineffective political party. In order to win elections, we must make compromises.

    We make compromises because we gain more than we lose. So what do Libertarians gain by joining with the Republican Party? Consider that there are about three different wings in the Republican Party. There are: Social Conservatives, Economic Conservatives, and Self-Styled Moderates. Since a Libertarian is essentially a type of Economic Conservative, there is already a place for Libertarians in the Republican Party. As Republicans, Libertarians would gain the opportunity to move their economic agenda forward in the Republican Party.

    What do Libertarians sacrifice? Schiff mentioned this. On social issues. To work with Social Conservatives, Libertarians must work out a compromise. How might that be done?

    Here is an example. Social Conservatives are adamant. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Yet the Libertarian Party platform observes: “Government does not have the authority to define, license or restrict personal relationships.” According to current law, that portion of the platform is nonsense. Nonetheless, considering current trends, Social Conservatives have cause for alarm. So the Libertarian principle may provide the basis for compromise.

    Each year Social Conservatives become less enchanted with government. That is why so many Social Conservatives have taken up educating their children privately (something Libertarians should applaud). Instead of worrying about sexual relationships, which don’t require a marriage license anyway, both Libertarians and Social Conservatives can and should focus on protecting the parent-child relationship from unnecessary government interference. After all, government exists only because we need it to protect our rights, and parents protect the rights of children.

    By focusing on the need for limited government so that we can each do our own thing our own way, Conservatives and Libertarians can find compromises BIG GOVERNMENT advocates would never imagine. Why hasn’t that happened. We need to learn the secret. We must start ignoring the corporate news media’s attempts to highlight our differences and divide us.

  2. Thomas Jackson says:

    Libertarians have never, ever been fiscal conservatives. They have no place within the GOP because they have no program or policy they can put forward. Whatever they claim it always includes the legalization of drugs. So does it include the legalization of prostitution,gambling, zoning laws, minimum wage laws, etc?

  3. Brad Sponholz says:

    Thomas seems to be a Democrat who has not read either parties platforms. He speaks right out of the campaign handbook for the GOP without knowing the real truth. The Libertarian Party in not fiscally conservative? HUH? Seems the two big parties are the non fiscal conservatives. The legalization of drugs if you haven’t paid attention, is more and more in the news as more politicians realize the money and effort put into it has yielded nothing but governments out of money to do the things they actually should be doing. I have to agree with citizen Tom’s analysis. We may have to compromise now in order to bring back freedom in the future. It pains me to say that, but it is the truth. I don’t think that having us go over to the GOP to take it over will work, we need to field our own candidates, especially ones like Peter who can articulate our stances and stand up to attacks like Thomas has presented, however misinformed they are.

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