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Joe The Idiot Plumber Strikes Again

by @ 2:48 pm on June 30, 2009. Filed under Dumbasses, Politics

This time, he’s talking about hanging Senators and completely mis-stating history:

Wurzelbacher has a reputation for being a blunt, politically incorrect speaker. Referring to Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., more than once, Wurzelbacher asked, “Why hasn’t he been strung up?”

And he glosses over facts. Referring to the Constitution as “almost like the Bible,” Wurzelbacher said of the Founding Fathers: “They knew socialism doesn’t work. They knew communism doesn’t work.” The Constitution predates the origins of socialism by nearly 100 years.

Will someone please tell this clown to shut up already ?

6 Responses to “Joe The Idiot Plumber Strikes Again”

  1. Shaun Kenney says:

    It’s a bit unfair to say Joe was totally off base. The clarity the Industrial Revolution offered to a handful of 19th century British and French thinkers doesn’t mean the principles of socialism weren’t in practice for thousands of years before hand. Communitarian ethics are an old, old idea…

  2. I agree with you Shaun, The idea of Socialism has been around for many centuries. As for Joe the plumber, he is taking advantage of the opportunity that was presented to him after he questioned Mao-bama on distributing the wealth.

  3. But it is historically false to say that the Founders were in any way responding to socialism or communitarian ideas of any kind.

  4. EJ says:

    i’ll agree the founders were not responding to ideas of socialism, but they were responding to government control of the major aspects of economic production via mercantilism. This too is a system of government controlled “spreading the wealth around” even if to a different part of society. But yes, Joe the Plumber really needs to disappear.

  5. See, that’s not entirely accurate either because the early United States was pretty close to being mercantilist itself —- and the Republican Party (and it’s predecessor, the Whig Party) —- was strongly in favor of government intervention in the economy and government spending.

  6. ka1igu1a says:


    Yes, Joe the Plumber is a joke, but “The Constitution predates the origins of socialism by nearly 100 years” is inaccurate. Reference my post at FD:

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