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U.S. Army To Orly Taitz’s Mutinous Major: Thanks, But No Thanks

by @ 9:35 am on July 15, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Obama Derangement Syndrome, Politics

The U.S. Army has told Maj. Stefan Cook that he doesn’t need to bother reporting for deployment to Afghanistan:

U.S. Army Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, the reserve soldier who says he shouldn’t have to go to Afghanistan because he believes Barack Obama was never eligible to be president, has had his deployment orders revoked, Army officials said.

Lt. Col. Maria Quon, U.S. Army Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Army Human Resources Command-St. Louis, said Tuesday evening, Cook was no longer expected to report Wednesday to MacDill Air Force Base in Florida for mobilization to active duty.

Cook is an Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA), meaning he is a reserve soldier assigned to an active component unit for duty. He is assigned to the U.S. Army Element of U.S. Southern Command. Last week he filed a request in federal court seeking a temporary restraining order and status as a conscientious objector through his California-based attorney, Orly Taitz.

Not surprisingly, Orly the dim bulb is touting this as a victory for her side:

What does it mean? It’s proof that we have a totally illegitimate commander in chief and they will cave in each and every situation. It means that from now on any member of the military, who doesn’t like any order , needs to call Dr. Taitz, ESQ and state that he doesn’t want to follow the order, a legal action will be initiated based on Obama’s illegitimacy in office and the military will cave in. It means that for the sake of covering up for Obama and fraud perpetrated, top brass of the US military is willing to undermine integrity of the military. This has to stop.

Yep, that’s right, the worst person in the world is now openly calling for mutiny and dereliction of duty by members of the United States military, and the wingnuts at World Net Daily are repeating her drivel almost word for word.

As is usually the case with things that Orly and Joseph Farah say, though, the truth is very, very different.

For one thing, it turns out that Cook had volunteered for duty in Afghanistan just two months before filing a lawsuit to get out of it:

Earlier today, Quon said Cook submitted a formal written request to Human Resources Command-St. Louis on May 8, 2009 volunteering to serve one year in Afghanistan with Special Operations Command, U.S. Army Central Command, beginning July 15, 2009. The soldier’s orders were issued on June 9, Quon said.

Now, you might think that makes no sense. Why would Cook volunteer for duty in May, and then file a lawsuit in July claiming that he shouldn’t be “forced” to go because Barack Obama isn’t a natural born citizen ?

Perhaps it’s because he was planning to file this lawsuit all along.

As I noted yesterday, Cook has been a member and frequent poster over at Free Republic since 2003, and here’s something he posted back in March:

Well, looks like things may well be moving along.

As a Plaintiff in this class action, I get mailing from Dr. Taitz from time to time. This is an attachment to one of those mailings.

As always, have at it

And then there’s this from back in February:

US Army Major signs on as plaintiff for Dr. Orly Taitz… RE: Obama’s Eligibility to Hold Office

— On Sun, 2/1/09, Stefan Cook wrote:

From: Stefan Cook
Date: Sunday, February 1, 2009, 6:40 AM

Dear Attorney Orly,

My name is Major Stefan F. Cook. I am an officer in the Army Reserve of the United States of America and understand that you are heading up a class action suite to request that Barack Obama show he meets the Constitutional qualifications to be our Commander In Chief. As an officer in the U.S. Army, I have the right to know that I am following the lawful orders from a Constitutionally qualified Commander In Chief.

I would like to sign on as a participating plaintiff in this class action.

Please advise.



Major Cook went on to send Dr. Taitz a signed, notarized consent form authorizing her to name him as a plaintiff in this suit.

So, let’s get the timeline down:

February 1, 2009: Major Cook signs on as a “military Plaintiff” with Orly Taitz, a phenomenon I noted back in February

May 8, 2009: Major Cook volunteers for deployment to Afghanistan

July 10, 2009: Major Cook files a lawsuit asking to get out of his deployment because Obama is not a “natural born citizen”

Something smell fishy to you ?

Yea, me too.

Update: Not surprisingly the local U.S. Attorney has filed a Motion to Dismiss Orly’s TRO application, and it contains this fabulous sentence:

The Commanding General of SOCCENT has determined that he does not want the services of Maj. Cook, and has revoked his deployment orders.


Update # 2: The milbloggers at Mudville Gazette and Blackfive are picking up on the idea that Orly and Cook have basically perpetrated a massive scam to create a cause of action, and Greyhawk at Mudville has this interesting note:

When contacted, a spokesperson at U.S. Army Human Resources Command declined further comment, citing policy regarding ongoing investigations.

Ongoing investigations, huh ?

Something tells me Major Cook will become very familiar with a few JAG officers in the near future.

Update # 3: Just in case you thought you’d heard it all, Orly has thrown yet another curve ball in the Cook case.

Update # 4: Centcom weighs in on the case.

34 Responses to “U.S. Army To Orly Taitz’s Mutinous Major: Thanks, But No Thanks”

  1. Paul Kroenke says:

    Great work, Doug. These people are getting ridiculous!

  2. Matt says:

    I guess the strategy is working – since no one in the main stream media will cover the presidential ineligibility issue, the public doesn’t know that it exists.

    I don’t like Obama, and I think he is lying to the people – but I am not stubborn enough to recognize that he has a good strategy. Maybe people should recognize the fact that this lawyer has presented a “LEGAL QUESTION” to the courts in many ways only to have them throw it out based on her “not having standing” (which means you and I, the lowly US citizen, cannot question the president’s eligibility). Every time it gets thrown out – the media doesn’t cover it. This time – she got coverage…now more people are talking so her strategy must be working.

  3. Matt,

    If her strategy is to get herself disbarred for filing meritless claims, engaging in repeated inappropriate ex parte communications with judges, and encouraging desertion among the military, it’s working perfectly.

  4. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who smelled a rat here. I wrote last night that something didn’t smell right here


    1 Feb – Major Cook announces he’s signing up as one of Dr. Orly’s plaintiffs.
    25 March – Cook comments on Free Republic about being one of Dr. Orly’s plaintiffs.
    8 May – Cook volunteers to be deployed. Due to this and his status, he knows that he can change his mind up to the day before deployment..
    9 June – Cook gets orders for a 15 July deployment.
    10 July – A month later, Dr. Orly files a TRO for him.
    14 July – A day before he deploys, his order to deploy is revoked.

    You can’t tell me he didn’t know that this lawsuit would more than likely result in his deployment orders being dropped.

    Since Obama was President when he volunteered for deployment, his concern for illegal orders doesn’t hold up.

    I think this was a planned setup to try and gain publicity for Dr. Orly and her claims, and is as phony as Dr. Orly’s hair colour.

  5. claspur says:

    Mr. McKinnion (above)

    The one fact you cannot dispute is, Obama still refuses to provide a valid long-form birth certificate.
    What he’s provided is an incomplete short form certificate that doesn’t specify the delivery DDs or the location(hospital) he was born in.

    Oh, and Maobummer throws a baseball like a girl.

  6. claspur,

    Repeat after me — the document Obama provided is the only one Hawaii issues to certify birth records:

    There is no “long form” for Obama to request

  7. claspur – The document Obama has provided is the same document that the State of Hawaii provides anyone born there who requests a birth certificate. This is a valid document accepted for proof of identification and citizenship by the other 49 states and the US government.

    There is no “long form” to request.

  8. Greyhawk says:

    I wouldn’t read much into the “ongoing investigation” part; a wide variety of meaning there. I do hope the Army will provide additional comment soon. I suspect they believe it might “blow over”, but a few too many dangerous quotes and assumptions are appearing at a few too many places.

    But good stuff here!

  9. Thanks for the clarification.

    I’ll be blogging about this again shortly, but Orly has filed a new pleading in the case bringing in two more retired members of the military as Plaintiffs.

  10. karl kindt says:

    The hospital has no record of Obama being born in the hospital – it just has a request made by Obama’s grandmother within one year of his birth that she obtain a birth certificate for him from the Hospital. Apparently in Hawaii and other states if a child is born at home then you can ask a hospital for a certificate. That is what Obama has. I believe he at first believed he was born in Hawaii but then later found out from his Kenya grandmother he was not born there but in Kenya – she claims she was there! So then what does Obama likely do – he pays people off over there using surrogates – and the way to get this story some wheels is for someone to find out who got the money, how much, who paid it and then get that person to talk.

  11. Karl,

    Now you’re lying.

    No hospital is going to confirm or deny a birth at their facility because to do so would be a clear violation of the privacy rules established by HIPPA

    Try again.

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  13. Gerald says:

    Interesting how the DOD has leaned on Major Cook’s private employer, leading to his termination, in clear violation of the Whistleblower Act. Big Brother on your side.

    Your characterization of Mr. Cook and his lawyer are rude and unseemly. You characterization of WND is blatantly inaccurate.

    I don’t think it particularly useful to write off those who question Obama’s eligibility as nuts, especially given how easy it would be to put this to rest and the fact Obama has taken no action to do so.

  14. There’s no evidence that anyone leaned on anyone other than Cook’s unsubstantiated statements, which don’t really deserve to be believed

  15. Bob says:

    Wingnuts: better than watching monkeys fling their dung!

  16. Kevin says:

    I agree with Gerald. This stuff has been going on since before the election. Why not just release a copy of the birth certficate and be done with it

  17. Kevin,

    He already has

  18. Dr. Matt says:

    Doug — Excellent job. Thanks for doing a great job of documenting these events and exposing the facts. Unfortunately, the radical extremists that now dominate the conservative movement will still ignore reality and continue to don their 10 gallon tin-foil hats. Thanks again, keep up the great work.

  19. Chyron HR says:

    That’s great, guys. You just keep screaming about Obama’s Secret Muslim Terrorist Antichrist Birth Certificate(tm).

    And don’t listen to anybody who tells you that there are elections coming up next year and that the GOP should at least pretend not to be completely insane for awhile. THEY’RE PART OF THE CONSPIRACY!!!1!

  20. Jason says:

    You Birthers are just as bad as the 9/11 Truthers. It’s really amazing that we now have yet another lunatic fringe, that obviously have too much time on their hands, sprouting up.
    The facts are Obama produced documentation good enough for the Election Services people to accept and he won the election by a pretty sizable margin.
    Instead of asking for his birth certificate, which has to be one of the most absurd demands I’ve heard, you need to cope with the fact that in a democratic society, chances are good you’ll be disappointed in an election 50% of the time.
    Now you have three years and 6 months to find someone to beat him. I suggest you don’t pick Sarah Palin.

  21. Paulie200 says:

    “Interesting how the DOD has leaned on Major Cook’s private employer, leading to his termination, in clear violation of the Whistleblower Act. Big Brother on your side.” -Gerald

    Sounds more to me like DOD pulled Major Kook’s security clearance, which would also explain any “ongoing investigation” comment. It wouldn’t be surprising at all that someone as flaky as this has other significant problems in his file folder that came to the fore because he’s playing games with the courts and the military.

  22. Greg says:

    Your article is nothing but name-calling. How about simply covering the facts? Spare us your slime.

  23. I’ve covered the facts amply in the past, it’s time to call Orly out for the shyster she is

  24. tfr says:

    I agree, people. Get the frack over the birth-truth nonsense. There are serious usurpations of power happening within and without the gov’t, from both mainstream parties, and you folks are prattling on about birth certificates. Fight the real fight.
    Do you suppose, for instance, that the gargantuan bailouts and “stimulus” packages will be revoked if you people are proved right? That all of the money will be payed back?

  25. Dan says:

    Taitz has her own legal problems. As best as I can figure it… she and rightwing nut are being sued by the fellow rightwingers (Lisa Liberi & lawyer Philip Berg) who hosted her website. Taitz claimed that they hacked her website and her PayPal account and added tracking code to her website. Liberi and Berg countered that she had a bad webmaster who made mistakes including mistyping her PayPal account name. Taitz threatened (or did) go to the police, FBI, & District Attorney. Taitz & friends then posted Liberi’s Social Security Number and other personal info (including Liberi’s criminal record) on and on other right wing sites, encouraged others to forward it, and engaged in an organized email campaign to discredit Liberi & Berg.

  26. Dan says:

    Cook, Taitz and their movement have moved the goal posts and set a new standard for ‘natural born citizen’ that Obama can not meet – both parents must be US citizens.

    From Taitz’s latest court filing:
    However, Barack Hussein Obama, in order to prove his constitutional eligibility to serve as President, basically needs only produce a single unique historical document for the Plaintiff’s inspection and authentication: namely, the “long-form” birth certificate which will confirm whether Barack Hussein Obama was in fact born to parents who were both citizens of the United States in Honolulu, Hawaii, in or about 1961.

  27. thorswitch says:


    In the interview where his grandmother allegedly said she witnessed his birth in Kenya, the full audio ( of the interview makes it clear that when she answered the initial question, there was some kind of mistranslation because once the interviewer begins asking if she can tell him what hospital Obama was born in so he can visit it when he comes to Kenya, she tries to make it clear to the guy that Obama was born in Hawaii, not Kenya:

    (McRae is the interviewer and Ogombe is the translator)

    MCRAE: When I come in December. I would like to come by the place, the hospital, where he was born. Could you tell me where he was born? Was he born in Mombasa?

    OGOMBE: No, Obama was not born in Mombasa. He was born in America.

    MCRAE: Whereabouts was he born? I thought he was born in Kenya.

    OGOMBE: No, he was born in America, not in Mombasa.

    MCRAE: Do you know where he was born? I thought he was born in Kenya. I was going to go by and see where he was born.

    OGOMBE: Hawaii. Hawaii. Sir, she says he was born in Hawaii. In the state of Hawaii, where his father was also learning, there. The state of Hawaii.

  28. Patriot35 says:

    So, let’s get (our facts straight):

    February 1, 2009: Major Cook signs on as a “military Plaintiff” with Orly Taitz: (and Soetoro/Obama still refuses to prove he’s Article II eligible for POTUS/CINC);

    May 8, 2009: Major Cook volunteers for deployment to Afghanistan (So? Maybe, just maybe, he thought that the transparancy promised by the Usurper was going to happen, and Soetoro/Obama would produce documentation to prove he’s Article II eligible for POTUS. Sadly he’s still hiding);

    July 10, 2009: Major Cook files a lawsuit asking to get out of his deployment because (as a sworn member of the military, he could not obey illegal orders, and any orders from an ineligible and illegal de facto CINC would be as treasonous as the de facto CINC himself).

    Something smell fishy to you? (Fishy, my ass. Soetoro/Obama’s actions smell like TREASON to me. And that is why over 10 Citizen’s Grand Juries have ALL charged the Imposter with FRAUD and TREASON!)

    (Now go do your homework instead of blowing smokescreens for the Imposter.)

  29. BILL says:

    Well Well look at all the comatose people on this site, it is going to be interesting to see what thay have to say ehen our taxes re 300% er, most of our individual rights are gone, the constitution is a worthless peice of paper. i feel so sorry for all of you as you are not nuts, or bad people, just misinformed and not seeing what is really happening to our country. i sincerely hope you wake up before all is goneand we (you and I ) have nothing left

  30. tfr says:

    > it is going to be interesting to see what thay have to say ehen our taxes re 300% er, most of our individual rights are gone, the constitution is a worthless peice of paper

    And again I say, do you suppose all of that will just go away because you prove Obama was born out of the country? In case you guys haven’t noticed, all of that was already going on before Obama, and likely will continue after him.

  31. zone says:

    Curiosities can be answered with a few searches. Exact birthplace street addresses of previous presidents are available on-line.

    Although a few are not official landmarks, USA addresses of all, excepting Mr. Obama’s are.

    We have schools, and things of this and other sort already being named after him. So, it strikes me odd that his very place of birth is not a USA shrine.

  32. Rock Peters says:

    I am launching a powerful PAC PR TV campaign that will force Obama to produce a US birth certificate. Contact me if you want to get involved.

    (917) 517.2749

  33. Bert Lawrence says:

    I write for the many that are acquainted with the evidence which concludes that Obama is guilty of treason and fraud. We have been over the definitions of Natural born citizen, we know about the status of Obama’s mother being to young to pass on citizenship and his father being a citizen of another country when Obama was born. We are depressed that Obama’s wife says Obama loves America while permitting or even causing all of the service personal to suffer the doubts of their commander in Chief. Why has he not permitted his history to be known? No personal embarrassment about his history equates with the burden he places on the service men and women.
    We are now waiting for one of the many forces who should have authority to remove Obama to accept their responsibility. I will list the forces or factors that I see as possibilities for removing him. These are in order of my perceived likelyhood to take action.
    1. Militaary.
    2. Orly Taitz’s case to be considered in David Carter’s court.
    3. SCOTUS
    4. Grand Jouries
    5. Congress (either or both houses)
    6. Assination
    7. Obama’s volitional vacating the office because he sees it is futile to continue
    It is expected that as soon as one force moves against Obama, the others will rush to join, in order to reduce their perceived alignment with those guilty of aiding and abetting treason and fraud. The case against Obama includes his questionable citizenship, misdeeds with Social Security, and draft registration. As the case proceeds, his popularity will sink and there will be less rioting by those who have been neglecting the constitution in favor of loyalty to Obama..
    Because Obama has been privy to much high security information he must not have access to any questionable sources. Conversly, there will be many citizens who will want him executed as a deterent for any, in the future, that may be tempted to repeat the treason and fraud. Also to be charged are all of the congress, the attorney generals, and any who added or abetted the crimes. They may be fined heavily and made ineligible to ever hold public office again plus the forfeiting all pension rights. We will need all new elections for all federal officers. The problems will be challenging.
    Orly, can you and other scalars like Edwin Vieira and Leo Donofrio project the country into the future so we can be more ready to deal with the coming events? It is rather tiresome to just get repeats of the evidence against Obama. We know that. But who will be first to act and when will something be done, would be news.

    Bert Lawrence

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