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U.S. Military Responds On Birther Soldier Lawsuit

by @ 5:00 pm on July 15, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Obama Derangement Syndrome, Politics

David Weigel at The Washington Independent has gotten a statement from the U.S. Central Command about the whole Orly Taitz – Stefan Cook mess:

“Maj. Cook volunteered for the one year assignment to Afghanistan, in May of this year,” said Speaks. “After he brought this stuff to the fore, the unit that owned his billet canceled his orders.”

Speaks dismissed comments that Cook’s attorney Orly Taitz, made to WorldNetDaily, specifically her claim that “the military has directly responded by saying Obama is illegitimate.”

“This in no way validates any of the outlandish claims made by Maj. Cook or his attorney,” said Speaks. “The idea that this validates those charges about the president’s fitness for office is simply false.”

Of course that won’t stop Orly and the Birthers (which would be a good name for a bad 60’s rock group, by the way), but it’s good to have this on the record.

2 Responses to “U.S. Military Responds On Birther Soldier Lawsuit”


    The officer involved in this ridiculous scam has stained the very fabric of our democracy, not to mention the shame and dishonor he has brought upon the officers corps. As a 30 year Army veteran and Gulf War veteran, I see this Major as a minor figure or better still a true COWARD, IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD.

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