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Your Tax Dollars At Work

by @ 8:50 am on July 20, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Politics

The folks are Recovery.Gov are doing their job informing us of the many vital projects that President Obama’s stimulus package is helping to fund.

Projects such as:

$ 5,708,260 for processed cheese for the Dept. of Agriculture

$1,562,568 for Mozarella Cheese, also for the Dept. of Agriculture

$351,807 to replace and upgrade the dumbwater at a Dept. of Veterans Affairs facility in Brooklyn, NY

$1,191,200 to purchase frozen, sliced ham for the Dept. of Agriculture

$2,531,600 to purchase yet more frozen, sliced ham for the Dept. of Agriculture.

Don’t you feel stimulated ?

2 Responses to “Your Tax Dollars At Work”

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  2. Summy Lorenz says:

    I belive in freedom, but I know that our freedom has limits a lot of limits.

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