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Republican Congressman To Constituents: Stop Watching Glenn Beck

by @ 4:55 pm on August 7, 2009. Filed under Politics, Republicans

South Carolina Bob Inglis went into the lions den and didn’t back down:

They suggest that you watch Glenn Beck. Here’s my suggestion. Turn that television off when he comes on. Let me tell you why. You want to know why? He’s trading on fear. You know what? Here’s what I think. If you trade on fear, what you’re doing is, you’re not leading. You’re just following fearful people. So if you want to lead, stop being fearful.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

One Response to “Republican Congressman To Constituents: Stop Watching Glenn Beck”

  1. Nate Bohm says:

    I wonder if Beck’s mob is strong enough to demand an apology, ala anybody who insults Limbaugh?

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