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Barack Obama Was For Single Payer Health Care Before He Was Against It

by @ 5:11 pm on August 11, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Health Care Reform, Politics

From today’s health care town hall in New Hampshire, here’s President Obama:

‘I Have Not Said That I Was a Single-Payer Supporter’……`I believe it would be too disruptive’

Ummm, Mr. President:

“I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program. I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its Gross National Product on health care cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that’s what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out. A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that’s what I’d like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately. Because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, and we have to take back the House.”

Hope, Change, or Hypocrisy ?

33 Responses to “Barack Obama Was For Single Payer Health Care Before He Was Against It”

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  2. David says:

    This guy is supposed to be a charismatic speaker?

    More like the most tedious professor I’ve sat under.

  3. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    Funny thing is, when Bush did stuff like this _The Daily Show_ was all over it.. But where is Jon Stewart now?

    Kneeling under Obama’s desk on his Inauguration Commemorative Kneepads (issued to every reporter in the MSM) and workin’ the shaft..

  4. papatodd says:

    And if you really think that the state run media will cover this, then you can also wait to see the reports of how the War in Afghanistan is being lost and soldiers are being killed and O Bama lied and people died.

  5. Commies always lie about their goals says:

    He is clearly lying. He also has no idea why markets are good and probably resents having to say he supports them. What was community organizing ever about but growing the government and raising taxes to buy votes? Bill Clinton ended welfare as we knew it; Obama wants to bring it back as we remember it. Joker indeer.

  6. JorgXMcKie says:

    I seem to remember him being called a “spellbinding orator.” Looks like the spell is wearing off. Of course those with various narcissistic personality disorders seem to believe that they can contradict themselves routinely and no one will notice.

    Having the MSM on your side probably helps. I want to see that nightly “Obamaisms” on the MSM.

  7. Scott says:

    Keep the government out of our business. The government has no business in making decisions about our personal healthcare. What the American people want and need is not more government.

    History is replete with examples of how well government is at managing anything. If you like the response the government gave to Katrina, well, you will be more than satisfied at the complete mess they will make of healthcare.

    A thousand pages in the proposed healthcare bill. We don’t have time to read it? Yes we do. You are trying to slip something by us, including the “public option”.

    The debate is not about how good our healthcare system is, but how we fund healthcare. There is one model, tested overtime and that model is capitalism. People must be at the center of the purchasing decisions of healthcare treatment delivery. Only in the individual can the limited resources of healthcare reach maximum efficiency and universal coverage. High Deductible Savings Accounts fits this model.

  8. mark l. says:

    this is like shaking the magic eight ball.

  9. CJ says:

    Let’s make it absolutely clear to Obama:
    -Health care reform? Maybe.
    -Government expansion or socialism? No. Under no circumstance.
    -Universal Health Care Insurance through policies promoting full employment in the private sector? Sure, why not?
    -Build a real consensus with the American people before trying to pass a bill of this importance? Yes. It is the least you can do.

    It is clear he is trying to achieve a Single Payer system incrementally. He is a liar and a socialist. So are his cohorts in congress. They keep trying to to explain their postions in these town hall meetings. But we understand all we need to know. We do not want their socialist agenda. They need to stop talking, and start listening.

    We need to clean house. We need to vote every incumbent, Republican or Democrat, out of office at the next available opportunity.

    Obama, you are out of there too. It is true that we wanted a change from the incompetence of the last 8 years. But we did not want to replace it with a socialist take over of the country. No more!

  10. Tony Zito says:

    Obama has backed off on the single payer idea because he knows it can’t pass – too many people against it. That’s a reasonable compromise. I believe in compromise, too, but if this is what I got in return, I’d skip it. Some people just can’t take yes for an answer. What I think is, you just hate Obama and nothing he can say or do can appease you.

  11. Wes says:


    “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine,” Obama said, referring to private courier services that compete with the U.S. Postal Service. “It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.”

    He just put the nail in the coffin of his healthcare plan. Private businesses doing just fine while the USPS (a govt. mandated service) is always having problems. Maybe he should be fixing the postal service and leave health care to professionals.

    What an idiot! What were the 54 million Obamanuts thinking?

  12. Collks says:

    President Obama said this year: ‘I Have Not Said That I Was a Single-Payer Supporter’.

    I dislike people trying to turn people into liars. President Obama in the video above started out with trying to make a distinction between a universal health care plan and a single payer plan. He was clearing speaking about this years universal health care plan and not some years ago statement about a health care plan. Political opponents are taking his some years ago statement and trying to make it like it is this years statement. Everybody knows that President Obama was out trying to get a health care plan that he may like in the present debate not a debate some years ago.. He was not lying if you do not look for him lying in the present debate.
    Also, Health care has problems due to the fact that everyone needs to have health care. One problem with health care is man’s need to be captialistic, greedy and expediant. A government plan or a private plan would have this itch in common.
    Who should pay for the prevention of disease? Who should pay for the ever increasing price of health care? Who takes care of those that hurt who cannot afford to hurt? At what level will all health care questions be answered. The questions keep coming and someone aught to find the answers.

  13. Andy S. says:

    Where were all of these portestors talking about how afraid
    they are of not being able to afford healthcare when were
    were destroying a country (Iraq)that posed no threat to us
    and supported a war that cost 10 billion every single month
    for the last 6 years?? Don’t some of these people have a problem with the corruption that the insurance companies are
    perpetrating and treatments denied? America is the only country in the civiilized world that doesn’t have a national
    healthcare system.

  14. Nathan from Canada says:

    Like many Canadians I have followed this debate with great interest. As Obama’s former physician said in a public interview, “The majority of Americans are ignorant about health care.” I have to shake my head. We hear arguments about not bringing in single payer because the US wants to “keep prices under control.” Yet what country currently spends more money per capita on health care than any other country? The US. We hear that Americans don’t want to sacrifice the “high standard” of health care they now have. Yet according to the CIA, the USA ranks 50th in terms of longevity, with all 49 countries ahead of them having some version of public health care… that is costing less than the USA’s. I could go on and on. Infant mortality in the USA (according to the CIA) is 3 times that of Japan. THIS is what you’re afraid to give up??? REALLY?

  15. mark l. says:

    “Yet what country currently spends more money per capita on health care than any other country?”

    What country has more lawyers making more than doctors?

    The reason we spend so much?
    we have 76.5 cars per 100 citizens. Our death rate due to accidents, is over 33% higher than the UK. Most of these accidents are largely due to motor vehicles, the leading cause of death of people under the age of 65.

    This availability of cars, plays havok on our life expectancy, and investment for care.

    Not a perfect depiction but imagine if the USA had a similar number of cars per capita to the UK, ie we reducr our atuo accidents by 50%.

    76.5%(the unperfect projection) versus, 42.6% for the UK.

    Now imagine that you have less money spent on trauma care, less lawsuits, leaving the exorbitant rate alone.

    Much of our cost is due no to inefficiences, but actually the rate at which we need the service, and the payouts on the lawsuits.

  16. mark l. says:

    here you go…

    15.5 death per 100k, in the US.
    9.6 deaths per 100k, canada.

    I’ll make a modest projection…
    since death by auto occurs, at 61% higher rate, the implication is that we also incur an increase of 61% of people who survive needing serious medical care.

    When you take into account the early deaths, accidents, and increased relative cost…yes we have a lower life expectancy and higher expenditure per capita.

    It might also explain why after the age of 65, we catch up to life expectancy with the UK. Life after 75? we actually outlive the UK by over a year.

  17. joe D says:

    Our current system has doctors and patients appealing insurance companies, and the doctor usually gets the preferred treatment. Usually this is pretty common with generic and Rx drugs. Also under our current system you have the option to get a different insurance or pay for your healthcare on your own. Obamacare, requires everyone (stated in the prelim bill) to have a plan and will be fined if they dont. Government run healthcare does not accept appeals from physicians, the bureacrat decisions are final. Insurance companies do have heavy control but not the kind of control government will have. A big part of understanding the debate is understanding the current system and the intricacies of the proposed bill. This is difficult for the common person, unfortunately “practicing” physicians and patient advocates are not directly involved in the bill drafting process.
    –“Seriously is it right you pay for someone else`s Zocor?”

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  19. Nathan from Canada says:

    We can play with numbers all day long, and in the end you can make them say whatever you want. Just ONE little example; using “death by auto accident” to justify the difference in life expectancy between Canada and the US… Don’t you think the increased rate of death per 100k in the US *MIGHT* be related to the lower level of health care available? Your numbers can easily be used to prove my point rather than disprove it. (Your implication is irrelevant.) In other words, people injured in an auto accident require medical care. It would appear that in the USA, the medical care is not as good as in Canada, since more of your citizens die from auto accidents (per capita and mile) than do in Canada. SEE??

  20. mark l. says:

    “Don’t you think the increased rate of death per 100k in the US *MIGHT* be related to the lower level of health care available?”

    considered it for about 2 seconds…

    til I cam across-

    the only countries where the chance of making it to 60 is less than the US are the former soviet states, along with the baltic region.

    also examined the most expensive procedures, anectdotally, for my extended family. Auto wrecks.

    looking at our per capita spending, I also chuckle. My wife maxes out on her deductable by March of every year, and then it is off to the allergist, dermatologist, and anyone else that is covered, who will make her ‘feel better’.

    people are obsessed with getting their monies worth.

  21. tater says:

    Next time you need speedy medical care to save your life I’ll see you at one our lousy american hospitals.

  22. mark l. says:

    this isn’t canada.

    we don’t wait for service, and our healthcare offerings are a veritable bazaar.

    addicted to prescription pain pills? we can doctor shop across the fruited planes.

    We even have the left in this country desperately scouring for people who have died for lack of treatment, in search of poster children for the ’cause’. Slim pickings.

    and of course, for every one of those people died becuase they didn’t have money, I would gladly point you to the maxed out donations to either political party.

    save a human life, or get invited to the inaugural ball?
    hypocrites, one and all.

  23. mark l. says:

    I do have a question for a canadian though…

    you produce 3.425 billion barrels of oil a day.
    divide by a population of 33 million, and it comes to roughly 103 barrels per citizen/day.

    70 dollars a barrel*103 barrels*365 days=

    2.631 million usd per citizen. don’t even get me started on your natural gas revenues.

    instead of worrying about the US, I have to ask…

    why are the japanese living almost 2 years longer than you guys? does your healthcare suck, or would you like to look closer at the numbers?

    (major snark alert on the above)

    statistics in the hands of idiots will produce some idiotic conclusions.

    “The majority of Americans are ignorant about health care.”

    the majority of the world is pretty ignorant,*myself included*. the only problem I have is with people who think they have the answers with a couple of statistics and start taking themselves too seriously.

  24. mark l. says:

    one other small(?) point about statistics.

    they do not provide a “cause and effect”, otherwise, they would be called ‘laws’.

    the use of ‘corellations'(which are synonomous with ‘statistics’) is modern day witchcraft. we need some people burned at the stake for using them.

    the same people who would offer cost, life expectancy, etc. as a means of evaluation, would be equally derisive of someone using iq tests, comparing them to various races, and making BROAD interpetations.

  25. EJ says:

    Theres also an issue of the US system subsidizing the rest of the world. The US creates most of the new drugs and medical technologies which are expensive (we do about 9 times more medical R&D per capita than Europe). Canada, along with all the other national systems, then only adopts these new treaments after they have become wide spread and prices come down. This is why drugs cost less in many other countries. The first pill created costs a billion dollars, the second costs half a cent, so companies are still willing to sell pills to customers in these other countires where price controls exist. But if it were not for the US market where the fixed costs could be recouped, these inovations would have never been created in the first place, and Canada wouldnt have anything more advanced than asprin. Esentially the rest of world is able to keep its healthcare costs down partially because our market pays for all the research and development costs.

  26. EJ says:

    And child mortality rates are higher in the US primarily because we try to save many more children via C-section than most countries do when there is problem with the pregnancy. So these babies are more likely to then die than the average newborn, so it drives the mortality rate up. In most other countires these babies would have never been born in the first place, so they never get added to the statistic.

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  28. Nathan from Canada says:

    So many excuses… so poor a system. I actually feel sorry for you. There was a feature on NPR (yep, I listen to a LOT of US radio every day) recently about the Canadian woman who went to the US for surgery because her life-threatening brain tumor was refused treatment in Canada. The Republican Party sponsored a bunch of ads which were played for US citizens. Apparently those who are against public health care (most of you, apparently) just loved this story. The only problem is this: you can go to the Mayo Clinic web site and read the REAL story. She didn’t have a “brain tumor.” No one has ever been known to die from her ailment. The surgery was elective.

    My favorite story is the senior who stood up in a town hall meeting to yell, “Keep the government’s hands off my Medicare!” Oh, THAT is rich indeed. But it demonstrates the ignorance I’m referring to here. Poor old guy doesn’t even know that Medicare is provided BY the government. LOL

    If Americans are happy with what they’ve got, great. All I am saying is don’t make your choice in ignorance.

  29. Nathan from Canada says:

    “why are the japanese living almost 2 years longer than you guys? does your healthcare suck, or would you like to look closer at the numbers?”

    Canadians do not have the sense of superiority that Americans have. I don’t believe Canada has the “best” health care system in the world. I think France has a better system than Canada, for example.

    But here is what I *DO* know… everyone in Canada is covered by a Medicare plan, from birth to death even though Canadians pay far less per capita (including taxes) for health care than Americans. There are no “deductibles.” Although I am 56 years old, I have NEVER waited in line for medical care. Never. If I need certain types of surgery, it’s true that I may need to wait. That’s because everyone is covered. (HINT: a quadruple by-pass is more important than a mole removal, even though the person with the mole has money, and the heart patient does not.)

    America prioritizes the health of it’s citizens according to wealth. Almost 50 million people are not covered by health care. So if you have enough money, you can skip to the front of the line, the “good old” American way. If you don’t have money… too bad for you!

    I have listened to (and talked to) Americans who lived for long periods of time in Canada and were covered by Canadian health care while they were here. It’s amazing that almost all of these Americans think the Canadian health care system is great.

    The only people who don’t appreciate it are the ones who know nothing about it.

  30. Bob says:

    As Obama tries to reform the medical welfare system people protest because they don’t want to help others then them selves!!, let me elaborate… In a debate yesterday in Wheeling, West Virginia. A woman carefully asked if they please could hurry up with the reform so that her daughter could be helped with her rheumatism since at the moment there was no way of paying for it. The response came quick… A man in a shirt stood up and said loud and clear: why should I pay for your daughter? Well there you have it people, the actual American reason for protesting against the reform… The product of a Supercapitalistic society. As soon as ones tax money helps other people people shout out Communism and Socialism as if they knew the meaning of these words!… is equality for all wrong? I call it Welfare. In Sweden we have a higher tax which everyone is willing to pay because we care for the less fortunate in our nation… as a matter of fact we have the best welfare in the world because of this… are we Communists now suddenly.. No definitely not! Maybee Obama sees the countries with the best welfare in the world and believes America has something to learn… who knows!

  31. When I was young, America was the richest nation on the face of the planet. In my lifetime, bad choices by our leaders have left America the world’s biggest debtor nation. Would you hire someone with that resume to fix the healthcare problem?

    Providing universal health care is not one of the enumerated powers of the Federal Government. So, why isn’t Obama following the constitutionally proscribed amendment process?

    If Bill and Hillary had initiated their bid for universal care as an amendment to the constitution, the debate might be coming to a close now. And if enormous, costly, new responsibilities are to be given the federal government, shouldn’t the debate be long, deliberate and involve the States and the people?

    If government requires all Americans to buy health care, doesn’t it have to be accomplished via a huge new tax? Can we the people permit government to tell us how to spend after tax dollars? What would define disposable income?

    Obama uses the analogy of if you want to drive you must buy auto insurance. However, driving is a privilege and a choice, while individual existence was a choice made by our parents and suicide is a sin and a crime.

    I wish all Americans life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness within the constraints of our Republic’s constitution.

    Bring John Shadegg’s ‘Enumerated Powers Act’ to a Vote
    It’s time for Congress to, “Cite it, chapter and verse.” Where do they derive their authority? When they pass new laws or spend taxpayer money, they should be required to point to specific language in the Constitution. The Enumerated Powers Act would require them to do precisely that. Help us bring this bill to a vote.

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