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MSNBC: Is “Socialist” The New “N-Word” ?

by @ 8:27 am on August 11, 2009. Filed under Barack Obama, Politics

Since I make it a practice not to watch the cable networks except in a national emergency, I missed this nonsense:

How, exactly, is “socialism” now a racial epithet ? Or is he really saying that expressing fervent opposition to President Obama’s policies is itself racist ?

One would have hoped that the election of America’s first black President would have but an end to the cynical games of the race hustlers. Apparently, that’s not the case. If anything, it’s emboldened them to the point where anyone who opposes the President is presumed racist unless they prove themselves innocent.

H/T: Hot Air

2 Responses to “MSNBC: Is “Socialist” The New “N-Word” ?”

  1. Back during the campaign, it became a common practice for those on the political Right to refer to everything about Obama as, Socialist, Marxist or Communist, even when the same policy when espoused by Clinton was not tagged with those terms by the same Right-wing opponents.

    It was easy to see that the real reason for using those terms was just a substitute for calling Obama a nigger.

    It is unclear why people would think that by substituting one epithet for another, that they would be seen as any less ignorant and bigoted than they obviously are.

    By the way, stop writing n-word, when you mean to write nigger. There are no banned words in America and all of us should be honest and accurate in our writing. The term, nigger, is still widely used among the so-called African American community when referring to each other, so there is no reason to pretend that the word is unspeakable or un-writable for the rest of society.

    As for Obama, technically, he is a mulatto since he is of both White and Negro lineage, but for most of us, he can simply be referred to as, Mr. President.

  2. Anarchist Accountant says:

    What’s funny is I’ve been mentioning this for years, but not in reference to any individual such as Obama. It hasn’t been “socialist” as much as it has been “liberal” that has been used as an epithet. The way “liberal” has been used by certain media members is that same as any perjorative. It’s a way for people who need something to hate to be able to do so without being called a racist.

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