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Mark Sanford Pays The Price

by @ 7:37 pm on August 13, 2009. Filed under In The News, Mark Sanford, Politics

The Governor of South Carolina admits that hiking the Appalachian Trail was way too costly:

(CNN) – South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford opened up about the state of his family on Wednesday — the first time he has done so since his wife, Jenny, moved out of the governor’s mansion last week.

Asked during a radio interview how he’s coping with being alone in the mansion, Sanford responded: “That part’s hard.”

“But there are consequences for any mess-up that we have in life, and that’s one of them,” the governor told Columbia-based WVOC radio. “That’s probably the most bitter part of it.”

Sanford said he and Jenny decided to move his four boys to Charleston for the school year because “they deserve to be out of the fishbowl they’ve been in.”

“They’ve been subjected to a lot this summer,” he said. “That was a result of my actions, but nonetheless it put them in a spot they really didn’t want to be.”

Perhaps you should’ve thought about that before going down Argentina way, Gov.

Sanford also acknowledged that his political career is effectively finished.

“I am dead politically,” he said at the end of the interview.”

Gee ya think ?

Dude, you could’ve been President some day. If you’d just kept your pants on and not acted like an idiot.

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