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Republican Candidate For Mayor Says Creationism Exhibit Is “A Top Priority”

by @ 8:09 am on August 13, 2009. Filed under Evolution vs. ID, Religion, Science

One of the Republican candidates for Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma has a rather perverted sense of priorities when it comes to mayoral responsibilities:

Republican mayoral candidate Anna Falling said Tuesday that putting a Christian creationism display in the Tulsa Zoo is No. 1 in importance among city issues that include violent crime, budget woes and bumpy streets.

“It’s first,” she said to calls of “hallelujah” at a rally outside the zoo. “If we can’t come to the foundation of faith in this community, those other answers will never come. We need to first of all recognize the fact that God needs to be honored in this city.”

Falling, who has founded several Christian nonprofits and is a former city councilor, also said the next mayor needs to appoint people to city boards, authorities and commissions who will “honor God.”

“We will also look for people who want to characterize the origins of both man and animals in a way that honors Judeo-Christian science that proves God as the creator,” she said.

When asked whether she meant she would recruit Christians to serve the city, Falling said she was talking about “people committed to their churches,” and when asked whether she meant Christian churches, she said, “churches, yes.”

Falling’s campaign has been overtly Christian-themed. But she said she wants to embrace people of all religions, not alienate them.

“I’d love to be able to visit with them,” she said, adding that there’s common ground. “I know God loves them. I love them. This is an opportunity for us to be able to be friends and make a difference in this community.”

Crime ? Not a problem.

Government Spending ? Not an issue.

No, the truly important thing is that Tulsa have a mayor willing to put a bad exhibit enshrining fake science in a public zoo.

Yea, that makes sense.

H/T: Little Green Footballs

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