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Leave Us The Hell Alone

by @ 7:35 pm on August 21, 2009. Filed under Blogging, Individual Liberty, The Liberty Papers

Over at The Liberty Papers, co-blogger Chris passes on a pretty amazing piece of writing from his wife.

Money quote:

I have a message for all you busybodies, bureaucrats, rent-seekers, and whored-out legislators.


Get out of my contracts.

Get off of my land.

Leave my property alone.

Stay the hell out of my bedroom.


And everyone else’s for that matter.

Read it. Learn it. Share it. Send it to your Congressman.

2 Responses to “Leave Us The Hell Alone”

  1. Brad C DMD says:

    I think at heart we are all Libertarians: take care of my protection (police, arm, etc), take care of the roads (so I can safely ane easily get to my favorite comic book store and strip joint), and stay the fuck out of the rest of my life. It’s too bad that when things get a little bit rocky (usually because governemnt stuck their noses in our business 10 years ago but no one remembers they actually caused the problem), people turn BACk tot he government, the very people who screwed them in the first place, looking fro a ahnd to hold. I admit, its difficult to succeed as a people when the government keeps on pulling the rug out from under us, then offers a heloing hand to bring us back to our feet. I just wish people would have the balls to slap that hand away, climb back tot heir feet themsleves, then give the owner of that hand a swift kick to the nads.
    We need to be less dependent, not more dependent, ont he government.

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