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Iraqi Air Force Found…..In Serbia

by @ 7:55 pm on August 30, 2009. Filed under Foreign Affairs, Iraq, Serbia

The remnants of Saddam Hussein’s air force have been located in Serbia:

BAGHDAD — Iraqi officials have discovered that they may have an air force, after all.

The Defense Ministry revealed Sunday that it recently learned that Iraq owns 19 Russian-designed MIG-21 and MIG-23 jet fighters, which are in storage in Serbia. The ministry said Iraqi officials are negotiating with the Serbs to restore the aircraft.

The Serbian government has tentatively promised to make two of the aircraft available “for immediate use,” according to a press release from the ministry. The rest would be restored on a rush basis, the ministry said.

An Iraqi delegation went to Serbia as part of aneffort by the government to locate funds stashed abroad by Saddam Hussein to evade sanctions first imposed during the 1990’s. Serbia had had friendly relations with Mr. Hussein.

During that visit, the Iraqi officials discovered that Mr. Hussein had sent the 19 jet fighters to Serbia for repairs in the 1980’s, during the Iran-Iraq war, but was unable to bring them back after sanctions had been imposed on his country.


Mr. Hussein’s government, which in 1990 had the sixth largest air force in the world with 750 aircraft, lost many of its advanced MIG and French Mirage jets when the United States bombed them during Desert Storm; nearly 100 of them were flown to Iran to escape destruction, even though Iran was then an enemy of Iraq.

Iran has still not returned the aircraft, despite otherwise warm relations between the two countries now, saying they were war reparations for the Iran-Iraq war.

Funny what you’ll find when you look around, huh ?

3 Responses to “Iraqi Air Force Found…..In Serbia”

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  2. Dean Esmay says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if we eventually find some of his supposedly mythical WMDs in places like this either, although whoever’s holding any such would be reluctant to admit it.

  3. cinoeye says:

    They where not sent to Serbia, but at that time Yugoslavia at the overhaul facility in Zagreb(now Croatia). Yugoslavia was socialist, but US allied country and never part of “eastern Block” and Warsaw Pact. During that time, USA supported Iraq in war against Iran. Yugoslavia was perfect political choice to fix plains. USA also hired Yugo construction companies to build airports and military installations, even Including the Saddam’s bunker. They where never delivered back because of the Gulf war 1 and sanctions. Iraq had Russian, but as well a lot of USA, French and British equipment. It was absurd than Iran had USA Phantom jets!

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