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Call It “Eau De Trekkie”

by @ 1:04 pm on August 31, 2009. Filed under In The News, Star Trek


Now, Star Trek fans can smell like their favorite characters:

Put down your phasers, Star Trek fans.

If you really want to stun the Trekkie of your affections, try spraying on a little sci-fi scent behind those Vulcan ears.

Riding on the buzz surrounding the latest Star Trek movie, released in May, online fan merchandise company Genki Wear is selling three new fragrances, the idea of which was met with mixed reviews among Trekkies yesterday at Fan Expo Canada’s last day.

Peter Palermo, a 42-year-old college professor decked out in a Deep Space Nine Starfleet uniform, said he would buy Pon Farr, a scent named after the mating cycle in which Vulcans are thrown into blood fever every seven years and can only survive if they passionately make love.


Another scent, Tiberius, is named after Captain James Tiberius Kirk. The company says it “embodies bravery and spirit, blending chemistry and emotion.” Apparently, citron, black pepper and white musk will do that.

And the last scent, Red Shirt, is said to: “Smell like the future, because tomorrow may never

William Shatner put it best nearly 20 years ago:

And his successor feels the same way:

3 Responses to “Call It “Eau De Trekkie””

  1. Vast says:

    I would think you would be a fan of the free market using any excuse it can to make a buck.

    As a life time Star Trek Fanatic I will NOT be buying these products.

  2. I didn’t say they shouldn’t make it, just that anyone who would buy it is……..just not right

  3. Vast says:

    I have to admit they are pretty ridiculous items. Kind of like the Horde and Alliance versions of MT. Dew that capitalize on the popularity of World of Warcraft.

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