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Secessionists Protest In Texas

by @ 8:59 am on August 31, 2009. Filed under Dumbasses, Politics, U.S. Constitution

It seems that Rick Perry’s talk of secession form earlier this year has gotten some people’s attention:

Rick Perry’s talk of secession appears to have buoyed efforts by Texas secessionists who want the governor to follow through. At a rally Saturday on the Capitol steps, members of the of the Texas Nationalist Movement called on the governor and the Legislature to put a referendum on the state ballot on whether Texas should leave the union. At an anti-tax “tea party” protest in April, Perry touted states rights and raised the possibility of secession.

On Saturday, secessionist speakers denounced the federal government in general – and the Obama administration in particular. One speaker said, “We are aware that stepping off into secession may be a bloody war. We understand!” Another self-styled patriot invoked George Washington as an ally of secession (History lesson: Washington presided over creation of the union) and Sam Houston – “You go ask Sam Houston what he thought about secession. He did it anyway.” (History lesson: Houston opposed secession. He ran for governor as an independent Unionist in 1859. Despite his efforts, the people of Texas voted to secede, and he was forced out of office in March 1861. )

Here’s video of the protest, including one speaker saying “We hate the United States”:

Of course, judging from the pictures, it’s pretty clear that it’s Obama they hate, not the country itself and that much of this secession talk is little more than a way for some of the more extreme opponents of the President to blow off steam and sound like they’re accomplishing something.

For his part, Governor Perry is clearly regretting he even brought the subject up:

Perry says he never advocated secession – only resistance to federal programs that infringe on states rights. The message is part of his anti-Washington appeal to the right-wing of the Republican Party in advance of next March’s GOP primary against Kay Bailey Hutchison. Hutchison calls Perry’s rhetoric about secession “silly.”

Yea, that about sums it up.

2 Responses to “Secessionists Protest In Texas”

  1. wayne says:

    we have seen those that do this all the time. but I think when Obamacare passes, you will see many good Americans, Second and Texans First make the step into Secession if this is the only choice we have to make to have our rites to live free. I can’t believe that the rest of this Country is this Blind that they can’t see what is coming their way, I love America, but I love my rites and those of my Children, and its a shame that to keep them we could be forced to leave this wonderful Union…..

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